Did I Do That?

It’s not like me to take credit for someone else but it’s definitely interesting that shortly after two suggestions I make to Wizard 101 the game ends up having them available.

1. Voice vs Read.

I blogged about that awhile ago saying it’s too bad only the first part has voice for the NPCs because younger kids that don’t know how to read but who can still play the game can’t really play on their own. Now Wizard 101 has a voice pack download which gives the NPCs (in the first few worlds) voices. I’m not going to take credit for that simply because it’s been in other games, but I did say so.

My oldest figured out he only needed to look in his journal for how many kills or items he needed along with the little picture of that item and name of the area – off he’d go. But my youngest didn’t really know what to do so he’d spend his time running around or making new wizards over and over to the point where older ones would get lost because you can only have so many on one server.

Which leads me to the second suggestion.

2. Confirmation of Character Deletion.

I was really surprised when I discovered they clobbered older wizards when you made new ones and that there was no “Are you sure you want to delete UberWizardGuy?” prompt when you clicked ‘Delete’. It seems like common sense… a most base feature.

I discovered they put that one in when the boys were playing on the weekend. I’m guessing the awesome folks in their support organization (that isn’t sarcasm, they really are awesome) were getting tired of the requests to restore characters that a 3-year-old deleted so they put in the prompt.

Good stuff.

No, I can’t take credit for either of those, but I can enjoy the silence.

One last suggestion – reading tool. You’ve got the voice, you’ve got the text, tie it together and allow people to make Wizard 101 a learning tool. Highlight the words as they’re being said or something.


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