WoW Patch 3.1?

Well, still can’t log into WoW. Servers have been down since really early in the morning until… well, still. Update says another update around 6pm Eastern.

When I tried later in the afternoon patch 3.1 downloaded and the patch notes came up. Once it was done, I logged in and found that I had to accept the EULA again, both of them. That’s usually a sign of a patch.

Highlight Info. Actual patch notes.

I’m looking forward to a number of things but mainly dual spec. All too often we find ourselves with too many DPS and not enough tanks. Well, with this I should be able to switch back to Prot in a heartbeat.

One thing I’m not sure I’m looking forward to is the talent spec changes. It might become a little foreign to me, though I think it might free up some points. Mana regen changes are another big one. Hopefully the changes made to Judgment of Wisdom and Divine Plea well compensate.

We’ll see.

I might be wrong. It might not be the patch, but I find it hard to believe the servers could be down this long for simple maintenance.


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