Down Again…

It’s probably a good thing the servers are down for ‘urgent maintenance’ because I need some sleep. They’re supposed to be back up around 8am Eastern, but no guarantees.

Once again, I’m dirt poor. I burned some coin on the dual spec, picked up a few gear items and gems. Then went for a spin with the new talent spec and adjusted abilities.


It feels like I was hit hard by the nerfbat. That or I’m missing something. While my normal attack swings are coming a little faster (more effect from haste), the damage seems lower for most of my abilities. Judgments with Martyr going are doing about 2000 damage on a crit – I used to do that without the crit. It does seem to proc more though. And then there is the fact I can use Exorcism on anything – that does another 2000 or so. Crusader Strike and Divine Storm seemed to do a little more damage.

It’s hard to tell where I am DPS-wise without fighting a raid mob where it will last more than a couple of seconds. Although, I do seem to need to push more buttons to make things dead. Pre-patch I wouldn’t get through my rotation before my target died. Now? I get through it and it is usually dead. Either way, the fights just aren’t long enough to get a good read.

Mana is a little trickier now. I don’t notice a big difference in Divine Plea. I think Spiritual Attunement was made a talent and pushed up the Prot tree but I’m not sure. That would mean no mana returned from heals.

Time to go get some addon updates.


2 thoughts on “Down Again…

  1. Not too bad so far. I actually break about 3700 DPS on the practice dummies. Some of the damage seems lower but I guess the frequency of it really adds up.

    Now… to remember how to be a prot tank. heh.

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