Ulduar Heroic…

Red Light District headed into Ulduar (Heroic) last night for the first time. Definitely an interesting twist on play.

For the first part you hop into vehicles. The vehicles are Siege Tanks, Demolishers and Choppers (bikes, not helicopters). Each one has a driver and can take a number of passengers while the Siege Tank and Demolisher also have gunners. The HPs of these vehicles are determined by the gear level of the occupants – the higher the item level total of the character at the wheel, the more HPs the vehicles have. That’s an interesting way of making gear matter. I’m not so sure buffs or anything else matters, though I was pretty high up there in DPS and wonder if it was due to my crit rating?

You drive around the first area destroying towers and defeating mobs. There are a couple that are challenging, but not too challenging if you know what to do. It’s a do or die type deal. There are four towers that are special since they provide the first boss with a buff if you don’t destroy them.

The first boss is a Fire Tank which has four buffs on him, provided by nearby towers – assuming you leave them up. Unfortunately, we triggered him early so we faced him fully buffed on the first time through. It was a messy wipe because we weren’t sure what was to be expected. Second time through, we did it.

It’s a crazy fight where the tank will chase a single target for a time then switch to someone else. If he catches you, you’re as good as dead if people don’t interrupt a special ability which means they have to be close to him and if he switches to them. Well, ow. At one point he’ll become too fast to keep away from so you load the passengers into the Demolisher cannons and the drivers fire them at the Fire Tank. They land on top and attack the turrets. When one is destroyed, the boss throws the people off, is stunned, loses it’s speed buff and becomes easier to damage for a time. That’s a good thing because it’s got 70 million HPs.

Very fun fight and it was a pretty good time. Honestly, it was a nice change from just being a Ret Pally.

Though I came in third for DPS at 30k DPS even though I was a gunner for a Siege Tank (Demolishers are supposed to be the DPS hehe).


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