Exploration Sunday

I made a promise to the wife that I wouldn’t play computer games on Saturday at all if she let me raid Thursday and Friday. Sounds sort of funny, no? Normally I wouldn’t ask for permission (it’s easier to ask forgiveness) but I was off last week and I did play quite a bit while I was off and everyone else wasn’t.

I started with a run through Hall of Blackhand (I think that’s LBRS) which was pretty fun solo. I admit, I had to burn my LoH and a couple of times it looked shaky. I’ll have to head back there with the gang and try for the Jenkins title. I got all the way through and got the achievement. I had to go out, but I continued playing a little later in the afternoon.

I now have explored all of Northrend and Outlands. I’m missing only the Blood Elf starting zones and that other area that was added in for Eastern Kingdoms. I still have a lot to go on Kalimdor though.

I’ll get those another time.

I realized just how many zones I missed in Outlands – well, I had done them with Smaken last time, but I completely missed Nagrand, Blade’s Edge and Netherstorm zones with Lannister. That’s about half the expansion’s content.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen most of Northrend’s content with a few exceptions in areas I didn’t spend a lot of time in, but I have been going back and completing some of those quests. It beats grinding cash or just flying about mining stuff.

I did manage to reach Exalted with the Ebon Blade. I’m slowly working up to Exalted on Wyrmrest and Sons of Hodir. Once those are done, I’ll look at getting Exalted for the Argent Crusade and the Kirin Tor.

I get the feeling I’ll have less time for all of this shortly…

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