Slacken’ Smaken?

Not really. I just haven’t had anything interesting to post about so I’m going to post about not having anything to post about.

I’m still playing WoW, still at max level, though I have started mucking around with a low level (18) alt – a Hunter, go figure! A Night Elf Hunter in honor of Hudson’s love for those. With the Stone Keeper’s Shards Lannister accumulated, I bought her some of those nifty Bind to Account shoulders. I do have a Mage as well (21) but not enough Shards to get her some shoulders. I decided I’d go with the Hunter just for the simplicity of it and because I haven’t done Kalimdor from the Alliance side before.

Lannister is in all purple gear… ALL purple. He’s got a mix of T7 and T7.5 gear for all parts available (I have T7 helm and chest item in the bank). He’s got the exploration achievements for all continents except Kalimdor. He’s almost Exalted with Wyrmrest and with Sons of Hodir. He hit Exalted with the Ebon Blade awhile ago. Still no epic flier yet, but I’m back up to 2k gold – I dropped a lot when I started raiding because I was enchanting gear, buying gems and so on. With some of my gear items being really top level (at least until there is a replacement from Ulduar) I went and bought the best, therefore most expensive, enchants for most of my gear slots.

My secondary spec, Protection, is starting to fill out, though I don’t have nearly as many purples and I missed out on a lot of good items (some best in slot, at least until Ulduar stuff) from raids – not a problem really, they went to folks who were playing Protection primarily.

I ended up tanking some Heroic instances the other day with Kaldonar and Damogoth on Saturday morning. When one of the mages we were group with left I added Elessarr in to help DPS. We only did Violet Hold, Drak’tharon and Halls of Stone (all on Heroic). I admit, I had problems with agro when we started with Violet Hold. For some reason things just didn’t seem to be working as easily as I remembered them from over a month or two ago. My AE agro was pretty bad and my single target agro wasn’t what it used to be. At first I was thinking, “Pally nerf!” but then I realized right before Drak’tharon that my Righteous Fury buff wasn’t up.


For those of you that don’t know, that buff is the one that reduces damage I take but also increases the threat generated by all Holy damage by some crazy amount (I think it’s 90%). That’s what I get playing the DPS spec too long.

Aside from instances, I’ve hit up the Wintergrasp several times. So far I’ve been on the winning end each time, even when defending, but it was close. I wracked up a ton of kills and honor considering how little I’ve done it (I think I’ve done WG about 4-5 times, I’ve got over 20k honor). I think I’m going to start doing some more of that. The tough part is, I’m not really speced for it. There are a number of things you change between the Ret spec for PVP or PVE that can make a big difference. I can’t just switch to my second spec for this because my second spec is for tanking.

Ah well. I’ll take my lumps and move on when they happen.

By the way, I owned a level 80 DK in under 5 seconds. Yeah it was Damogoth, who I usually just let beat me up when we duel (I find it’s the easiest way to get him to stop trying to duel me is to accept it and just stand there hehe). That was as Ret after a raid we were both still raid buffed. I think every attack I made and every proc of Martyr crit on him. hehe. Next day (while I was in tank mode), he wanted to duel me again. I beat him again though it took awhile longer.

Dammit. I meant to talk about nothing and now I’ve talked about Wow. Damn you Blizzard!


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