D&D Insider?

It’s been awhile since I talked about the Wizards D&D Insider and all the awesome apps you get for making your 4e experience better and enabling you to play online with friends!

That’s because they haven’t delivered.

And it sounds like it’s no longer in development.

If you look around their site, you no longer see COMING SOON banners for the Character Visualizer (or what ever the virtual miniature creator thing was) or the virtual table they had plans for.

Do I feel duped for having bought a one year subscription to this?

Yes and no. I’m disappointed they won’t deliver on one of the tools I thought was going to be great, but looking at the price of what I paid (which amounts to 5$ a month) it’s not a bad deal for two (online) magazine subscriptions; Dragon magazine and Dungeon magazine. Unfortunately, I don’t play 4e and my group has decided against it so both this magazines aren’t going to be used in their given form.

Oh, I will likely nab some ideas or thoughts and read the articles, but I won’t be using them as is because they’re 4e.

The Character Builder is useless to me. It was put together really well and gets some fairly regular updates, but I’m not playing 4e so what good is it?

I should have known better with the failure of their previous attempts at creating (or outsourcing the creation) of software tools.

Ah well. I’ll likely put the 4e books right up next to my games from Turbine CDs.


6 thoughts on “D&D Insider?

  1. The 5th edition will be an improvement 😉 It will be like the Star Trek movies, every other one is the better one…

  2. It’s clearly your fault, Celem. :p

    I was browsing through some of the Dungeon mag adventures they put in there and some could be applicable to what I’m doing at the moment. They’ll take some work converting, but some are really decent.

  3. They should contract the guy who made that DDO character creator software. I haven’t used it myself but the community swear by it.

    Hey! I wanted to have a chat with you about 3.5e questions I have. Got an IM or whatever?

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