Feist Needs to Make a MMO…

I just finished reading his latest book, Rides a Dread Legion, and it was quite good. I devoured the book and absolutely loved it. Someone needs to make a MMO based on Raymond E. Feist’s Midkemia world. I love the history of it, I love the locations, I love the factions with their complexities and I love how you can just grab a small portion of the world and have something happen in it.

I think it’s becoming clear that I’ll move on from WoW. The more I think about it, the more I feel like I’ve done what I can in WoW and I clearly see that I can do the rest if I’m willing to sink the time into it, but the steam (or gas) has been let out.

I’ve started poking around with LOTRO and it seems decent enough, but I don’t think I’m going to focus on playing it next. I’ll be content with having tried it out and moved on without dropping any cash on purchasing the game or playing it too far.

I do have to give LOTRO some credit, it is a decent game, it looks decent (aside from the character models) and I’d compare the environments to Vanguard, especially with all the bells and whistles turned up to max. Again, the models are a bit boxy and the animations are not very smooth, aside from some of the combat attacks – those are decent and quite good. Run and jump animations? Eep.

Still, that’s not enough to completely dismiss the game. I’m on the fence, maybe I’ll give it a go, maybe not.

I fully expect to get involved with Champions Online in some fashion (my son won’t let me skip it) and I believe I can hold off until July 14th. After that, I’ll likely try out Bioware’s Star Wars MMO. I’ll end up finishing off Fallout 3 (I was close, then something happened and I lost my saved games) and probably grab Mass Effect now.

Limbo, here I am.


3 thoughts on “Feist Needs to Make a MMO…

  1. I added your two freeps but your creep wouldn’t let me, must have spelled the name wrong.

    Hope you find something to tide you over. Since returning to MMOs last month I haven’t touched Fallout 3 whatsoever, although I’ve been playing some shooters on the 360 with a friend. It occurred to me it’s possibly a good thing you don’t have one, it could get confusing if you, me, Oakstout and my other friend all ganged up, we’d have 4 people and only 2 names! haha Guess we’d have to call each other by our nicknames! I’m waiting to see how Oakstout reacts with two Scott’s if he ever shows up on XBL when he says he’s going to. *coughs loudly and laughs*

  2. Vugdish?

    I mucked around as a creep for a bit and it was definitely amusing. I also tried a Warg. Pretty cool. It reminded me of the time EQ allowed you to play as a MOB on the Test server (I think it was Test?). I remember playing a Fire Beetle in one of the Freeport newbie zones – I was the bane of several newbies. Mouahahaha!

    I suspect I’ll probably give it more of a chance. I did enjoy the Guardian and I do like the Burglar though seems weird that it’s a debuffer instead of a DPS type. I really should give my Champion a go since he’s supposed to be a DPS type. I also made a Minstrel, but haven’t played it yet.

    I don’t think Oakstout comes through here often, if at all? Either way, I can’t do shooters on a console… well, let’s just say I’m unwilling to take the time to get used to using a controller for that sort of thing. 🙂

  3. Eh, I started on controllers back in the day because that’s all their was. It wasn’t until Quake that I was getting owned so badly with a controller (not because of aiming but because they wouldn’t turn fast enough) that I had to learn the whole mouse and keyboard thing. Years of that it’s been semi-difficult to get back into the controller thing again, but this time for aiming, go figure!

    I will say that personally I feel using a controller on Left 4 Dead actually helps with the panicked immersion of a zombie infestation since it’s about survival not uber aimed headshots.

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