I Won’t Lie…

.. I don’t really have anything to say which is why I haven’t posted. I’ve been dabbling in the MMO genre since I consumed Mass Effect in a weekend. That’s a reminder as to why I ended up playing MMOs – they simply last longer. They used to have limiting factors in them like needing a group, but that’s not the case so much anymore.

Here’s what I did over the last week:

WoW subscription is canceled.

LOTRO trial turned into a subscription. Then I canceled it. I’ll dabble in it while the month expires.

VG trial is still underway but I know I won’t go back to playing it. Playing a Dark Elf Dreadknight is kind of fun.

I bought the recent EQ2 expansion because it had some more level 50-85 content (really, I hate DoF and wasn’t too keen on KoS) and subscribed again.

I then realized I accidentally bought the latest EQ1 expansion and subscribed to that instead of the EQ2 expansion so I canceled EQ1 subscription.

I then bought the recent EQ2 expansion and a subscription. For real this time. I’m sure of it.

I ended up making an Iksar Assassin on AB server and got him up to about level 10. I’ll go Jeweler with him so I can make my own spell upgrades and jewelry. I’m trying to fight off the urge to have my Armorer (57) make him a bunch of gear all the way up to the cobalt tier, I sort of caved the other night and made him a suit of iron chain mail stuff and a pair of imbued stilettos. He hasn’t got them yet though.

I took a look at what Smaken has, he’s level 59 Guardian, seems to have all his ability upgrades on him or banked. He’s also got a full suit of Xegonite (including weapons and shield) sitting in the bank next to the raw materials for the next tier of mastercrafted armor. He’s pretty close to 60, I just have to figure out what all his abilities do and then maybe I’ll mess around with him some. Oh and he’s got a nice fiery nightmare mount (and the flying carpet but I think the nightmare is faster). I probably should focus on him and work his way up to the cap and explore some of the newer content.

I also have a Conjurer alt that I haven’t really used. I might use him in off times, but so far I’ve been having fun with the Assassin and I still have a month of LOTRO and EQ1 to mess around with on the off times. And then there is plenty of work that has piled up.

Good times.


2 thoughts on “I Won’t Lie…

  1. A different take: Do MMO’s “last” longer or are they simply drawn out longer?

    On the flip side, MMOs are never designed to “end.” Stories are by their nature linear and eventually you get to “The End” and either the credits roll or you read a sample chapter from the author’s next book.

    So wouldn’t Mass Effect be the same as cuddling up with a great novel and reading the entire thing over a weekend? Or, did you do everything there is to do in Mass Effect or simply progress through the story? 🙂

  2. I completed the game, doing almost everything along the way. The only things I didn’t do, were things that the ‘Paragon’ type wouldn’t do. Oh, and I didn’t do the Consort or the human girl but I did do the young Asari Biotic. 😀

    I am playing through as a Renegade type, picking some of the more asshole-like answers. It’s fun, but I don’t see a whole lot of difference in most of the reactions so far.

    And yes, MMOs are drawn out more. They also have a lot of delaying tactics in them like requiring a group, XP loss, item loss/corpse recovering, exponentially increasing XP requirements and having to share the world with everyone else.

    Oh wait, they don’t do that anymore. Maybe that’s why I’m flopping around so much? 😀

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