Back Up Plans…

It seems like every time a player mentions a character to the next DM for my group, he says, “Oh! That’s great! That gave me an idea and I’ll have to make adjustments. Don’t wipe us yet, because I’m not going to be ready for a bit, ‘kay?” Or something to that extent.

So I’ve got back up plans. There is no shortage of ideas bouncing around in my head. Some of them include:

  • Playing Rogues – The group was pretty good at creating a cohesive evil group. I think it might be fun to play out some more urban adventures where the players are members of a Thieves’ Guild – not just one of them, but all of them. They’d fill out roles like burglars, bashers, minor dabblers in the arcane or Priests of the God of Thieves. It could be a lot of fun, though I’m not sure how long I can draw it out. That one is relatively new so I’d have to build on it more.
  • Playing Wizards – The group would play low ranking members of a Mages’ Guild. Each one would have to pick a different school. Sorcerers would be allowed, but they would be frowned upon. People disinclined to play a Wizard could play other roles the Mages’ Guild would need; guards, spies, trackers and the odd Priest. There would be politics involved in the group forming and most of the adventures they’d have would be scholarly or seem like something out of a Doctor Strange comic.
  • Low Magic – This is a long standing campaign world idea I had where one Religion ends up in a dominant position due to a war against Necromancers and that Religion bans all magic use outside of what their God grants. This leads to chasing off the other commonly civilized races. Players could create magic using characters or non-humans but it really wouldn’t be easy. Non-humans would need to disguise themselves as humans and magic-users would have to do a lot of their own research and keep their magic secret or they might find themselves hunted by the very beings that the Wizards created to help defeat the Necromancers. Divine magic would have some emphasis, some politics as most of the State isn’t pleased at the stranglehold the Church has on them. Deception and subterfuge would be themes depending on the group make up.

I’ve got a bunch of other ideas, though the first two could be played out in the campaign world I have in mind for the third with the first happening after the war and the second happening before or during the war, before the Church turns the masses against arcane casters and other races.


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