And the MMO of Choice is…

… despite all my bitching about easy mode  MMOs over the last month or so, I’m going to stick around in WoW. I think a lot of my unhappiness was simply being weary of computers in general and feeling a little extra stress from work.

The main kicker for sticking with WoW was; the little big ogre.

Last night he wanted to play, “Squish Wolves” (Blizzard rename the game to that please) and, “pow the miners and prisoners”. I used to let him run Lannister through the Deadmines or the Stockades (until I came home to find his Betrayer of Humanity was replaced with some level 11 two handed hammer) and he wanted to do that last night while I was watching the Pittsburgh vs. Detroit game. I set him up with my auction house mule, Lassiter (59 DK) (there was little of value on that character, though he is still pretty vicious) and let him tear through them. I forgot that I respec’ed Lassiter to Blood so the hotbars were missing a lot of abilities. Oh, and my son was delighted to see the worms appear and start eating people. You can’t help but chuckle when you hear a cackle of delight followed by, “Get him my little wormies!”.

I was impressed to see he remembered where the Stockades were and then where the Deadmines were (even running there from the bird). He gets a little lost in the mines before the instance, but otherwise capable of playing well enough. Especially given he’s got about 40 levels on the content heh. Still,  he gets around and uses abilities, loots stuff and gets rid of things when needed.

He was impressing me with his reading and with his math. He’s not in Grade 1 yet so most of the things he’s reading are simple and repetitive books, but he does read the odd thing here or there (signs, titles from books on my shelves, etc.). For math, he was telling me how many quest items he had and how many more he need. No, I didn’t see him count anything out on his fingers and he wasn’t simply guessing, he did the math in his head and knew the answer. Okay, so it is simple addition and subtraction, but I wasn’t aware they were teaching that in class. I’ve had the odd time where I’d go over things like that with him. I guess what I’m getting at is he seems to be able to understand those sorts of concepts. He’s going to be a bright one.

Back to WoW talk.

While he was running about the Deadmines, I decided I’d make use of the second computer and Blizzard’s recruit a friend program. I set him up with his own account (currently on a 10-day trial) and linked it to my main account. When it was all done patching (he was still in DM), I made a character for him. He wanted to be a Dwarf and decided to be the same class that Lannister was – a Paladin. Yes, I’ll most likely spec him towards Retribution since that’s about all he’ll want to do. I set up his UI and logged out until he was done. I still need to make some adjustments like auto-declining duels and what not.

I then kicked him off my computer so I could create a Dwarf Priest to play along side his Paladin. By the time I was in game and had my UI sorted out, he had already picked up a quest and was starting to work towards completing it (wolf meat… yum!).

The two of us puttered around doing a few quests, making some funny noises and comments. He was pretty excited about delivering the mail, hunting boars and tonight he wants to visit the troll caves! He says that with emphasis that makes it sound scary. It’s hard not to get caught up in his enthusiasm even though I’ve already been through that content.

Sad thing is, he is going to try it alone tonight since I’m out. And then I’m out tomorrow night. I’ll try to squeeze some time into the game with him tomorrow before I go out.

I was amazed at how quickly the levels go and how short on cash I ended up because of it. Sort of nice. Definitely cool that they added the ability to summon each other to you.

So it’s decided… nearly 300$ later that I’ll keep going with what I’m doing.

(And I might spend almost 100$ more to move a level 70 character to his account so I can open up the DK for him and then I’ll have to buy the game software and expansions for him…)


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