Morning Adventure…

I was in the shower this morning when the curtain was pulled aside and my oldest son (5) started talking about his WoW experience last night. He went to the troll cave and found some bolts and some buckets and a box and…

I cut him off there and asked if he got killed. Yes, he died in the troll cave. Before he could get into any more, I told him to go get his breakfast and start up the computers since we were running early (added benefit of being able to finish my shower in peace).

There is no such thing as privacy when you  have young children. Yeah, I could have locked the door, but usually they run downstairs to watch TV or play on the PS3 or something (or the wife needs to do her hair… one at a time).

When I got downstairs we logged in to see he was still a ghost. I showed him how to find his corpse and warned him not to rez where he was (he would have been agroed and probably killed). I showed him to sneak off into a corner where no creatures were close enough to see him then accept there. By then I had loaded in and I had him summon me there. We managed to crank out two quests in less than 30 minutes; kill 14 trolls and collect the gnomes lost tools. We handed them in and I realized he wasn’t wearing the mail pants and chest piece he had the other day. I switched that for him and explained about the mouse buttons again (he’ll get it eventually).

Then we had to stop and get going. He’s eagerly awaiting me to play with him this afternoon before supper and before I rush out to Wild Wing with some friends. Mmmmm… wings.

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