The Sweetest Thing…

My Little Little Ogre was on the swings at the park with his mom pushing him when she asked him, “What do we get Daddy for Father’s Day?”

He answered, “I want to get him a new computer! So he can play him games on it!”

My wife gave me a dirty look thinking I coached him. On Friday a co-worker dropped a computer catalog on my desk which gave me an itch to buy a new something; PC, laptop, heck, I even considered a netbook. So it was odd timing that my youngest suggested that. I’m starting to think it’s destiny and I need to buy a new computer.

I thought that was pretty sweet of him to know what Daddy likes to do and be willing to gift something related to that to me.

The Big Little Ogre followed up with suggesting they get me a book because he knows I love reading. Mrs. Ogre sounded happier about that idea – which was a really good idea too.

It’s amazing what kids observe.

One of the punishments we use is that they’re denied a certain activity for a set time; we save that for when they’re not listening or hurting each other. Little Little Ogre got mad at us the other day (he’s very emotional) and said, “No computer for you Daddy! And no cleaning for you Mommy!”

Sounds bad right? Like I leave the wife to do all the cleaning? That’s somewhat true. I turned some XL shirts into S shirts several years ago so she doesn’t let me do the laundry. I do pick up around the house but try to get the kids to clean up their messes which she can’t seem to do – she just has to clean it up. About the only thing I’m allowed to do is vacuuming. But the truth of the matter is she can’t sit still. The other day she stayed home to get some rest and beat a cold. She IMed me in the morning saying she was bored and wanted to clean something.

Again, it’s amazing what kids observe.

Guess what she got for Mother’s Day?

A 900$ vacuum… which she won’t let me use, so I’m off the hook for that too. šŸ™‚


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