I listen to all sorts of different music. About the only thing I can’t get into is country and folk types. I find I listen to certain types of music when doing certain things.

At work? When automating I find myself listening to techno or industrial types. I find it keeps me typing and thinking logic for some reason. If I’m not listening to music (or I’m listening to the wrong music) I tend to stumble a  bit.

When writing test plans, test cases, reading design specs, learning something I need for the job or when manually testing I listen to heavy stuff. There is no trick here, the loud stuff  helps keep me awake.

When reading other things, I prefer non-intrusive rock. Something that is in the background and doesn’t get me singing along or thinking about the music instead of the text in front of me.

When having sex… well, I don’t listen to music because I don’t want to wake the kids or I have to make sure I can hear them getting out of bed so we (as parents) don’t traumatize them. (Yes, we lock the door) When I was younger, it was things like Red Hot Chile Peppers and a certain Nine Inch Nails song… but who hasn’t had sex to that one?

Okay, I can probably think of a few people… oh crap… eew.


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