WoW Tradeskill-up Tips…

On of the guys on SUWT #49 (Marty or Gary) was commenting about how he outleveled his Mining and Blacksmithing and continued by saying it was a chore to raise because he had to go back into the lowbie zones to mine then would create some pretty useless items.

The items have more use than you think. Consider an Enchanter alt. Those useless items produced by Blacksmithing can be fuel for that tradeskill.

In fact, I spent a fair bit of last night running my DK through Gnomeregan and Scarlet Monestary collecting fuel for his Enchanting skill. That also turned up a lot of wool and silk cloth. I sent that off to my Mage who is a Tailor and then turned those materials into more green items which I sent back to the DK to disenchant getting him even more fuel.

The Mage is close to 200 in Tailoring while the DK has broken t he 200 mark in Enchanting (216 at the moment).

I love recycling materials. Take a look at the characters you have and see how they can work together.

Next up I’ll have to run Lannister (Pally) through some of the higher level dungeons for disenchanting materials for Kremus (DK) which will get me tailoring materials for Galiana (Mage) who should be able to make some more items that Kremus can also disenchant.

I want to get Kremus up high enough in Enchanting that he can disenchant stuff he gets for questing in TBC. Until then, he’ll be stalled at 58.


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