Going For Broke…

Lannister (my main) is going broke trying to sustain the needs (and wants) for my two alts and my son’s main character. He’s financing Olen’s Blacksmithing skill, Kremus’ Enchanting skill and buying up the odd blue items (and suitable enchants) for my son’s Paladin.

Fortunately, I think I’m done with Kremus’ Enchanting skill since it’s high enough to disenchant the stuff he’s getting in BC content. The two dwarves? They’re greedy little buggers! Olen has already burned through 400 gold I dropped on him even though he’s been getting gear upgrades from my Tailor alt.

Where does it all go?

Last night I was two boxing (if you can call it that) my Priest and my son’s Paladin since they were pretty close to getting their mounts. The Paladin is almost there, only a few bars until 30, but the Priest is about a full level behind. It was quite easy (solo mobs heh), I just put the Priest on follow and drove the Paladin around. I barely had to heal and could easily break camps by Shielding the Paladin then sending him into the camp to drop a Consecrate which grabbed agro. He’s Ret spec but they’re only solo mobs and I’ve got a Priest in my pocket (um… hmm… that’s sort of wrong) so there is no real risk.

I already have the funds for the mounts so it’s no problem there. The problem is that Lannister is raiding Ulduar with the guild and if I get a drop I probably won’t be able to afford the enchant for it. Heh.

Anyone know any good money making tips for WoW?

I think I might take to farming some instances again and maybe sell off the greens on the AH. I prefer active money making rather than roaming about (Scholozar Basin) harvesting or sitting in front of the AH with Auctioneer helping me out.

Kremus’ Enchanting is up over 300 now and he hit 60 just yesterday. I might mess around with him some more once I get both the dwarves to 30 and after I farm some stuff with Lannister.

I wonder if I can get Kremus that horse from Stratholme? Clear it with Lannister, invite my son’s Paladin to the group, summon  him into the instance (or would he get a too low level warning?), drop Lannister from the group, boot Kremus, add him to the Paladin’s group and summon him in to loot?

Of course, the thing has to drop first. Wasn’t there some place you could just buy that horse from?

Hmm.. I still have to get Lannister into that Argent Tournament thing. Maybe I’ll take a break from farming to do that for a bit.


4 thoughts on “Going For Broke…

  1. Bits made most of his money through enchanting supplies on the AH. I just used Auctioneer to tell me what I could buy, disenchant, and resell at a profit. It’s a huge market. In 5 minutes of time spent, I was making 500 g a day pretty easily.

    It wasn’t OMG ur rich monies, but it was easy to do and it was a nice, steady income.

    I think the most enchanting you need to disenchant WoTLK greens is 375, so you can get there pretty easily.

  2. Hmm, that is definitely doable and more money than I was making with Lannister as a Herbalist and Inscriptionerorest-guy. (Inscriber?)

    Thanks for the tip. I did used to sell materials way back when, but not so much now. 🙂

  3. My strategy in every MMO is simple:

    1) Kill Shit
    2) Loot the shit
    3) Vendor the shit
    4) (Optional) If I have nothing better to do, Auction the shit
    5) Don’t buy stupid shit from other players
    6) Go to Step 1

    Works great, lasts a long time… =D

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