Yes or No?

It’s a simple choice yet some people are incapable of choosing between them for some reason.

Let me put it this way, if you don’t care either way then it’s more likely a no than a yes. If it was ‘yes’ you’d feel positive about it. If you’re indifferent and don’t care, well that’s a ‘no’.

Make sense?


2 thoughts on “Yes or No?

  1. I’m inclined to agree with you, although I just remembered Psych 101 where we were taught that silence, or a non-answer, to a question was actually an affirmative. Naturally, I abused that by asking my father if I could do something then when he didn’t answer or said something like “I don’t care, ask your mother,” I would say “my prof says that constitutes a YES” as I ran out the door laughing…

  2. I disagree with your Psych 101 prof. Sometimes an abstention really is indicative on not caring one way or the other.

    One might not feel enthused about the outcome, for example, no matter what the outcome. Or one might feel enthused about either potential outcome.

    In either situation, the non-answer is just that – no answer. It is an abrogation to another authority, usually the will of a majority vote of people with stronger opinions one way or the other. The losing side can definitely call the non-answer as being against them, and the winning side can count it as being for them.

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