Dwarf Update…

The dwarves hit 31 and 30 last night. I got them flight points in Arathi Highlands (quests seem a little high there), Red Ridge, Darkshire and the Rebel Camp (in Stranglethorn Vale).

I left them parked in STV because I think they’re about the right level for the Nessingway hunting quests, but I’ll move to where ever my son wants to go.

Galiana is in Darkshire (which I keep misspelling as Darkshite) with some quests ready to go. I think she can get the XP bonus from having the linked character around as long as the quests are at least green to the recruit character. That means I’ll have to level her a few levels so she has quests at around 23-24 to hand in then I’ll summon the dwarf over. Getting her to 30 will be my main priority, then I’ll switch to focus entirely on the dwarves. I’ve respec’ed her to Fire since that should make quick work of most mobs she’ll face.

I debated having the Paladin trail along behind her for bonus XP, but I think that would end up leveling the Paladin a little out of the way of Olen. I’m not sure if I mind that or not – I think I’d rather play DPS than healing at this point so I might do that – I just won’t get the quests.

Hmm… maybe I switch to the Mage to help level the Paladin and dump the levels on the Priest since he’s already level 30?

I think I might do that. It’s not like he really needs the healing – it helps for breaking camps, but then, so does sick AE damage.  🙂


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