Quiet Blogging Week…

I’ve been on vacation since, well, this entire week. I went off to Montreal/Granby area with the kids on Sunday/Monday but otherwise haven’t done a whole lot else aside from local attractions. There is a bit of grey cloud hanging over us and it’s raining on us regularily… literally.

Figuratively, the wife’s employed days might be numbered because the company she works for has filed for credit protection and seems unable to function with the employees they have left. That’s a bit of a downer but I’m trying not to let it get in the way. I’ve put my ear to the ground to see if anything is coming up and she’s polishing off her resume. Worst case, she goes on Unemployment Insurance for a bit, stays home with the kids while trying to find a job.

That’s a bit of a mixed blessing, I’d prefer that one of us stays home with the kids but my preference isn’t that its her! πŸ™‚ Of course, she’d need to be making a bucketload more than she is now for that to happen.

World of Warcraft

On a happier note, the Dwarves are level 46/48 – with my son’s Paladin being the higher of the two still. I’ve been tacking levels onto Galiana (also 48 now) with his granted levels so I should soon have a bunch of level 60 characters.

I’ve also been farming with Lannister to get him back up over the 2k gold marker – I keep wavering there because I have to dole out cash for the two Dwarves (greedy buggers). Soon I’ll have to dump some gold onto the Mage as well, but I think I might be able to get around that if I can get some TBC gear from farming TBC instances with Lannister.

Now the Little Big Ogre didn’t do all the leveling on his own, I was running two instances of WoW on the same system just had each one (windowed) in each of my monitors (I have two side by side). With them being windowed, it was easy to move the mouse over to the other one, click on it and press the hotkey for what ever. I set up macros for healing, following, bubbling and stuff like that. Very easy.

I’ve also switched guilds but not for any bad reason. I was content with Red Light District, they raided at a good time, they were nice enough to me, they were a little odd and seemed to have a lot of inside jokes. I also sort of felt more like an outsider than really part of the guild – sort of a body to fill the raid spot. I don’t think there was anything intentional, it’s just a bunch of long time friends who have been part of the guild for a long time.

The new guild is called Ninefold Dragons, I got a whisper from Huntingwolf about it and thought it would be a good idea. The people I met are nice so far, but I worry there might be some drama attached (I hope not) since it sounds like a splintering from the Hounds of Tindalos. I don’t really want to see this implode. I’m going to trust that HW was always even keel so probably wouldn’t get tied up in that sort of stuff.

Warhammer: Age of Reckoning

Earlier today I got a Skype call from the Red-Headed Giant (the guy I work with that sent me a WAR refer-a-friend invite) who was asking how things were going and if I wanted to play some WAR. Luckily (for him) he caught me when I wasn’t doing anything so I popped into WAR for about an hour or two with him and another guy from work. It was fun, but felt sort of shallow.

Now I was playing a Bright Wizard (level 10) which amounted to pounding on the Fireball key and maybe a few dots if I thought they’d help (I should macro those). That’s about one fourth of the keys I need to press for the Retribution Paladin (Excorcism, Judgement, Divine Storm and Crusader’s Strike hehe).

Coming back to the fun part, it was fun because the two guys I was playing with were good spirited, easy going and fun to play with – I’m not sure it had too much to do with the game but I’ll hang on to it for a little longer and see where it goes. Of course, we had a good little trio with an Iron Breaker, Warrior Priest and Bright Wizard (tank, heals and DPS) so that was something (even in spite of the RHG still wearing his starter gear at level 8).

It was fun playing with them, I just don’t think I’m all that into WAR. It’s also hard to justify paying for three monthly fees when the wife might be looking for work soon though I guess if I had to stick with one, it might be healthier to stick with just WAR.

I’ll have to see.


4 thoughts on “Quiet Blogging Week…

  1. Ahh, a HW update. Glad to see he’s still playing. Anyone else still around?

    I came really close to dumping a good chunk of Bits 5k on you before I left, but I wasn’t sure you were going to stick with it, either, so I didn’t.

  2. Haha, tease!

    I’m sticking out for awhile. I think only SW:TOR might nab me away for a bit, or I might try Aion out for a little bit. I don’t see my son playing that one though.

    I suspect he’d be into SW:TOR though. πŸ™‚

    The only others I see on are Eviltrixxie, Skylur (from time to time), Elessarr, Purerapture and I think that’s about it. They all seem to be doing okay.

  3. What’s her background, Paul? Alterna’s always looking. I don’t know what her pay expectations would be, but there is a branch in Orleans, close to home πŸ˜‰

  4. I’d have to get the specifics from her, she’s had a number of different tasks over her 10ish years working in that area.

    I know she was responsible for dealing with auditors, booking instructors (travel, hotels, etc.) and she spent some time as an executive assistant. She’s currently handling all their travel bookings.

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