Carrot on a Stick…

… for only 15$ a month!


2 thoughts on “Carrot on a Stick…

  1. I was channeling Kaldonar there. He was telling me (recently) how much of a waste MMOs (games in general) are both in time and money.

    In some sense he’s right, we pay 15$ a month to chase after a carrot. That carrot is different for people, be it a level, uber item, house, guild hall, tradeskill level or clobbering the toughest boss mob in the game.

    There is the intangible (okay, so it’s all just data on a server so it’s all intangible) of experiences while playing. If those are good, maybe it’s worth it even if you don’t ever get the carrot.

    I think some people lose sight of that. Kaldonar was always *very* achievement driven often at the expense of actually playing the game. I know I’ve been getting caught up in leveling and maxing skill points with less focus on just doing stuff.

    I also think some game developers have completely forgotten about this aspect of the game as well. They make it more and more about the carrot and less about the experience.

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