The 10$ Horse…

Darren had a few posts mentioning the insanity of paying 10$ for a mount for one of your characters as a microtransaction. A lot of people missed his point. A LOT OF PEOPLE.

People were thinking of how long it takes for someone to get enough coin for a mount in various games, to hit the levels to be allowed to use and mount and trying to justify it that way.

So let’s look at it this way…

Ruins of Kunark (EQ1) was about 30-40$ for a ton of new zones, a new race, 10 more levels, new raid zones, etc.

Velious was much the same.

The Burning Crusade cost about 50$ and you got two new races, a new starting area for each from levels 1-20, the level cap increased to 70, some more talents, a new central and neutral town, two different factions to play off of, a bunch of new dungeons, raids, crafting materials, flying mounts, etc.

Really, if you look at a lot of games, MMO and otherwise, you usually get a whole lot for the amount you spend on it.

What possesses someone to pay one third to one fifth of those prices just for one single item for one single character?

That’s not a starting race with a new starting area, it’s not access to a bunch of new mounts, it’s not a whole bunch of dungeons (or even one dungeon), it isn’t a bunch of lore or quests… it’s a single item for a single character.

And it isn’t even new content like the examples I cited! They already have the models and the mechanisms in place to get one. It’s paying 10$ to have a couple of bits of data flipped on.

Sounds foolish to me.


6 thoughts on “The 10$ Horse…

  1. Any expansion is buying the box to get a few data switches flipped. I have to pay SOE $30 or Blizzard $40, etc. to adjust my account so those new areas are unlocked on my account. That’s on top of the monthly fee.

    Don’t get me wrong, as a Western gamer I would prefer to pay for zone access in a F2P game rather than things like mounts. Or, I suppose I’d rather pay for zone access *and* have the choice of getting a permanent mount (gear, etc.) *or* just paying a couple bucks and getting it over with.

    Incidentally, RoM’s $10 horse is cheap compared to mount prices on some other F2P titles that I have installed…

  2. It’s more than that though. You’re paying for the time spent developing those new areas, writing the new quests, programming the new features including spells and abilities, modeling the dungeons and new creatures, etc.

    Very BIG difference from a horse which already exists in game.

  3. But isn’t that horse funding the development of more content in the F2P scene too? See RoM’s upcoming free expansion thing in a couple months with new areas, two new classes, new crafting and increased level cap. They have to get money for that somewhere…

  4. It’s not about funding them, it’s about getting value for the money you spend.

    If it’s working for them, good for them. I would just hate to see that sort of thing becoming the norm as everyone copies their (potential) success.

  5. That’s they key, I think. And everyone has their own individual priorities on what is worth what to them.

    If Blizzard gave the option of grinding dailies for 2 months (arbitrary number, no idea how long it actually takes) to get enough gold to buy your epic flying mount or just to pay $10 or $20 for it immediately, what’s the real difference? People get to choose paying cash or paying time for the same item. Get it now or get it later. Time is money. Yadda yadda.

    Nearly every blog/forum I read says Runes of Magic is nearly as enjoyable as WoW during the leveling process, but level cap or “end-game” isn’t there yet. So assuming it’s “nearly as fun as WoW” yet we pay zero for the game itself, zero for server access, isn’t it a little more OK to drop a ten-spot on a mount to support the developers while giving yourself a movement buff in the process?

    It isn’t the price of the mount I have a problem with, it’s the potential true price of playing the game… I have a blog post in the works but I’ve been working so damn much…

  6. I ran dailies, did some mining/skinning, farmed some instances, and cut back on all my other spending where possible. It wasn’t easy, I had to focus and plan but it was doable (it can be easier if you play the AH but that creates a whole other challenge). I earned my epic flier and mount in game without throwing real cash at it.

    The difference? It’s the time spent playing the bloody game. People don’t want to spend their time doing anything, they just want it now and will throw money at it.

    Consider fishing. Do you buy a license, take time off work, get your fishing kit together, head off to the lake/river then pay someone else 10$ for a fish? You miss out on the experience of fishing just for buying ‘success’.

    Do I regret spending the time working towards the flier? Not one bit. I did have fun while I was doing it (quests, dailies, dungeon dailies, PVP rewards, exploring dungeons I hadn’t really seen before, raising up other tradeskills on other characters, etc.).

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