Flying Mounted…

Finally got my epic flying skill and an armored griffon! I knuckled down over the last couple of weeks and managed to make the 5k needed for the epic flying training. I had to scrape the remaining gold from my alts in order to get the 170 gold needed for buying the epic flying mount but I did it.

Of course, I didn’t have enough money to repair Lannister’s gear before a raid and had to borrow some but that is already paid back. :$

I also hit Champion of Stormwind level in the Argent Tourney so now I’m working on Ironforge. That is going to take awhile longer since you need 25 valiant seals instead of 15. I’m not too far off of getting the epic 1h axe which is good for tanking (well, better than what I have now). That is about all I need from there really, but the jousting is fun and cash from the dailies is decent.

I also ran my son’s Paladin through Sunken Temple and Blackrock Depths – which he loved. He’s several levels ahead of Olen so I used up some of the granted levels (2 or 3) to get Olen caught up a little. The means Galiana is going to be level 57 or 58 by the time he hits 60th unless granted levels are pooled and count for the lower level characters too? I can’t remember.

He likes the Plaguelands because of the undead which he likes because their death animation shows them falling apart. Kids like making messes.

It’s his birthday tomorrow so I’m taking the day off work and we’re going to spend the day together. I get the impression he wants me to play WoW with him most of the day, but I want to take him to a movie some time during the day. I’m thinking Ice Age 3. I’m also hoping he’ll be distracted by the presents we got him.

Ninefold Dragons is doing well, they’ve got a good atmosphere that feels a lot like what Aftermath had only I have yet to see any drama of any sort. Granted, there was very little drama in Aftermath at its birth aside from a couple of folks. Last night we hit Ulduar 10-man and downed Flame Leviathon (first shot), Razorscale (first shot) and Deconstructor (weird pull issue made it so we had to take two shots at him and we got him cleanly the secone shout). We stalled at Ignan where it was starting to get too late for me (and one of the otehrs) and I needed to stop.

We’re going to take another stab at it tonight.

I was reading up on some of the benefits of tradeskilling, I was set up to be a gatherer only with Skinning and Mining but noted you can get two extra slots for armor as a Blacksmith and create +27 STR gems (instead of +16) as a Jewelcrafter so I’m going to aim for those two options. At the moment I’m raising my Blacksmithing and keeping Mining so I can farm my own materials. That means I dropped Skinning.

I noticed the difference last night. With the loss of Skinning I dropped 300-400 DPS. Crazy! It should be worth it to have two extra slots for 54 STR on top of increasing every +16 gem I have another +11 on top and I have a lot of +16 gems. I’m looking at gaining over another 100 STR, if not more.

Now I just have to get there…

4 thoughts on “Flying Mounted…

  1. Bear in mind that you may not be able to replace every gem with its superior jeweller’s gem. Jeweller’s gems are unique-equipped, allowing only one of each type in a set of gear, and a maximum of three jeweller’s gems are allowed to be equipped at any one time.

    For example, you could only replace one of your +16 str gems with a +27 str jeweller’s gem, the other two jeweller’s gems allowed would need to be different types.

    The jeweller’s gems are really nice, but they are quite limited in their application.

  2. Actually, re-reading the description, it looks like you can have three jeweller’s gems of any type equipped, but only a maximum of three. So you can have three +27 str gems, but no more than that.

  3. Yeah, you can replace 3 of your gems with +strength gems. The type of gems doesn’t matter, you are just limited to 3. As of now they are prismatic, so you will get the socket bonus regardless of what socket you put them into, but that is supposed to change in the next patch.

    As far as dps goes, you did very well last night. If you are comparing your dps in Naxx vs Ulduar you will likely see a decrease. My dps is lower in Ulduar as well. The fights require more movement, which in turns lowers dps.

    I also wanted to touch on the Aftermath/Dragons reference that you have made in a couple of your posts. I don’t think that you will see the type of drama that you saw in aftermath. Stephen and myself are too straight forward to get caught up in that. Drama is impossible to avoid altogether, but it really can be minimized. 🙂

  4. Darn, here I was getting all excited. I guess the other bonus to JC is some of the metas?

    Hmm, the DPS drop is possible, but I seem to remember hitting 3k when I was in Ulduar with RLD. That was 25 man so maybe extra buffs were helping. You’re probably right. I was running Heroic Old Kingdom with your son, Will, Justin and a PUG warlock and my DPS was around 3k.

    So far people seem pretty even keel which is great 🙂

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