Multiple Subscriptions…

I dropped WAR already. I have no motivation to play outside of when the Red Haired Giant fires up Skype. Here’s the catch… I’m not on the hook for the month subscription fee.

When I re-subscribed Mythic padded 10 free days to the front of the account and tacked the month sub on the end. The 10 free days on the account expires on the 16th so I haven’t exceeded the first 10 days so the actual charge for the month hasn’t gone through yet.

Is it bad that I feel relief at that?

I had fun playing with ‘the guys’ but I don’t really want to pay cash for something I’m not motivated to play on my own. Another plus is that I’m not too worried about all the charges adding up for when I pick up The Burning Crusade expansion for my oldest son since he’s almost at the level where he could set foot in Outlands.


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