Awesome Guild…

What makes a guild so awesome that people that left it still look back on it positively even though their leaving might not have been so positive?

That isn’t aimed at anyone in particular. It’s a general statement because I keep seeing and hearing people reflecting on it and commenting they miss it.

As far as guilds go, it didn’t really have a long life. So why are people still reflecting on it so positively?

The answer is that there isn’t any one single answer. There are several answers and some members might share those answers while others might have an answer or two that is unique to them.

But in the end, it all boils down to…

You folks miss me!

If Equinox ever reads this, I suspect she will need to buy a new monitor or keyboard or maybe both.

With that lead in, I’ll pimp Ninefold Dragons a little.

I have to admit I’m impressed with how things are being handled in this guild. There is a similar yet different feeling to the guild and what Aftermath had.

People are helpful and motivated, which is nice. I don’t feel like I’m working when I log in and any failure is simply a learning experience, not something that gets you berated. Guild members are more like friends than acquaintances; most of us are on a first name basis which is a bit odd if you’re used to being addressed by your character name heh. There doesn’t seem to be any sense of elitism in the guild or division of members.Β  There are raiders and casual folks that don’t raid and that’s fine. There are people that like PVP and those that don’t. Some people like doing dailies, others don’t. No pressure.

I’ll admit, I’ve been tempted to invite some of the folks I still see online over into the guild but don’t want to feel like I’m poaching from other guilds. I’ll just leave it out there if anyone reads this.


5 thoughts on “Awesome Guild…

  1. Yes, still Alliance. Lannister is too awesome to abandon entirely.

    I admit I like the offensive nature of most of the Horde races and their abilities. I also like their lore and views better, but not enough to drop Lannister and the others* I’ve been growing on Rexxar. πŸ™‚

    * Alt listing:
    Kremus – 60 Draenai DK (main loss here would be his 300+ enchanting skill)
    Galiana – 54 Human Mage
    Olen – 52 Dwarf Priest
    Sindaena – 20something Night Elf Hunter (in honor of Hudson’s love for NE Hunters)

    I have the bind to account leather and cloth shoulders. Sindaena has the leather one (Beastmaster) and Olen currently has the cloth one (warlock one, don’t remember the name).

    I’ve almost got enough Stonekeeper Shards for another one – I’m not sure what I’ll for with that one; maybe plate. I’ve an itch to get a Fury Warrior up in level so I can get the Titan Grip talent and DW a pair of two handed weapons :$ Probably a Dwarf since it’d be funny seeing one wielding two weapons about as big as he is but I might go Space Goat instead.

  2. Good times…I miss Aftermath and left WoW shortly after. That tells you what Aftermath had at the core.

  3. Thanks for the plug Lann.

    I think that NFD is similar in many ways to the guild that you mentioned, and I was a part of for a short time. We are a true team. The members are people, not toons. This is why we are on a first name basis. I am Dennis regardless of whether I am on my main or any of my alts. We are all there because we enjoy the game, not for the shiny purples that drop.

    That is what separates out guilds like Aftermath and NFD. It’s also what makes them a great experience.

    And, of course, it *was* you! Lannister is the key! That is why you were one of the first people that I invited to come join us πŸ™‚

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