Too Critical?

Wolfshead posted an entry called EverQuest2 Revisited Part 1: Analysis of the First 15 Minutes which is a decent read. Some of the things he picks on might seem minor, but in the end they all add up and with minor changes can make some sense. Give it a read and keep going when he mentions WoW – this isn’t a “make it WoW” post, it’s an insight to why WoW did certain things that make sense (things like UI, loading screens, etc.).

I have to admit, I agree with everything he posted even if they do seem pretty minor.

I do realize a number of the items he identifies are limited to some specifics – for example, most the Fighter-type combar arts are instant cast while the Mystic class is more of a caster than instant action type. A lot of the instant cast abilities are in the higher levels making it something they can earn.

The comment about the similarities between his barbarian and some of the other races is definitely true (using the original models).

The background being generic in the character selection wasn’t always the case, but I definitely agree there too.

There might be other ‘holes’ in the entry but if you consider it is coming from someone “new” it’s all fair game since a new person wouldn’t know what lies ahead.


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