Two Dwarves Walk Into an Expansion…

… and hit level 60 shortly after.

I was pretty impressed with how quickly level 60 came to both of them. Level 61 seems to be going a little slower which makes sense because that is when the triple XP bonus stops for the characters.

He was so happy about hitting level 60 he jumped around, danced a little,  smothered me with hugs and agreed that I’m the awesome..est. It was time for bed before we could get much further so he toddled off to get ready.

I was about to do my evening log off routine (check AH, send money around, move alts to various locations, etc.) when I saw the guild message of the day change to “Raiding AQ20 tonight”.

Damn them.

I had planned to skip raiding so that I could catch up on sleep, even though it was Ulduar which contains oodles of upgrades for me but they went and changed it to doing some old world raids.

I’ve never done the old world raids so this was a chance I couldn’t pass up. Beside, it should be over pretty quickly with a raid party of about 8 level 80 folks who have raided WotLK or are raid ready, right?

AQ20 went really fast. It was actually a bit of a joke. We moved on to Blackwing Lair but ended up having to bring people through UBRS to get into that raid area because they weren’t attuned yet (I am).

That place was definitely more challenging, especially when you’re going in never having been there and overconfident that you can just burn everything down.

The first wipe came to that dragon that puts debuffs on you which drops your HP cap each time. We didn’t bother tank switching but got him down. The remaining person or two died because the creatures from the previous room just kept spawning.

After that there was one oops where we pulled a lot and  had a nasty boss wander in. Alone the boss was a bit of a chump but with all the adds AEing, it was a bit much for our poor healer (yes, that is singular). The last and final wipe was on the last guy. Apparently you need some cloaks to protect you from some big nasty meltdown effect the boss does.

No one had the cloaks so we melted.

All in all, it was good fun and nice to see these places I’ve heard of but haven’t actually been able to see. It would have been nice to get the achievement for Blackwing Lair, but we’ll be back I’m sure.

At that point it was 11:30pm and I had wanted to go to bed at 10:30pm at the absolute latest.

Coffee time!


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