I’ve been pretty good this week about not logging into WoW outside of the times I said I wouldn’t. However, I haven’t yet nipped the habit of staying up late (11-midnight). I seem to be filling that time slot with TV or reading through sourcebooks because I’m just too mentally tired to work on work stuff or do some reading for new tech which would require non-fun reading.

I do feel the need to fill that time with something else and MMOs jump to the fore along with some computer games.

I’ve been tempted to pick up Storms of Zehir because Chris (wrote a review which I posted here) is still playing it a ton as are some of the people I work with. Just the mention of it and some of the mechanics was almost enough to get me to down load it. Of course, I then considered that I haven’t played through Mask of the Betrayer yet and I’m holding off on Storms of Zehir until I play that one. I’ve lost my character that beat NWN2 and haven’t been able to get into characters created in MoB. Maybe I’ll create Lannister there…

Aside from that, people have been talking about DDO a fair bit, including two guys from my D&D group who are anxiously awaiting the F2P version of it. That is pretty tempting but I think I’m going to wait until the F2P version is out so I can be sure it won’t crash on start up on me like it did last time.

The other MMO that has me curious is… Darkfall. Believe it or not, I actually registered an account but haven’t bought the game. It’s very tempting but I think doing that would be counter productive to my attempts at focusing on things outside of games in my free (non-family consumed) time.

It’s all just so accessible.

Another temptation has been to send my parents a copy of WoW so they could get into it. I’m sure my Dad would be all over it. He’s still playing Oblivion over and over, making all sorts of characters and builds. He’d be all over the auction house and play it like it was the focus of the game. It’s tempting, but I’m not sure I should – do you think I’d play less knowing my folks are on there too? That’s sort of holding me back from doing that even though I’m pretty sure they’d both enjoy various aspects of the game.



2 thoughts on “Temptations…

  1. Darkfail why? Do not support that trash better things to waste money on. The Eurogamer re-review really did a good job of showing how stupid that game is

    As for DDO: http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=192725

    That just up, free to play beta is now open for all to try.

    NWN2 yes…good point but I think I will wait for the Dragon Age set of tools and editors to dive into that stuff

  2. I think Darkfall is on that list simply because it’s new ground and raising a character sounds challenging for a change.

    WoW is fun and I like a lot of the background, environments and instances but it is pretty easy. I’ve no illusions there.

    I enjoy playing it with my son, but again, I sort of want something challenging where screwing up is costly and risk taking is exciting.

    I might take a look at DDO shortly, if anything to ensure the crash on start up issues is no longer an issue. Thanks for the heads up but it seems that it is only open to people with active subscriptions. 😦

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