I love my family, but sometimes there just isn’t enough room for all of us.

I wake up and head to the living room and find two kids playing PS2 on the TV there. I go downstairs to find my brother still asleep, his oldest is playing Infamous on the PS3 (which he beat playing good side but wants to beat it on the evil side). I turn the corner to hop on the computer and find my brother’s second son on my computer playing Spore. I look to my second system and my niece is playing Webkins on it.

I head back upstairs and pull out my iPod Touch just to get a look at some news. Of course, I could have kicked someone off one of the TVs or computers, but they were having fun.

All in all, it was nice having them around. My brother has some good level headed kids who listen so it was good having them around. It’s just amazing how much of an impact visitors (that many of them) can have on your lifestyle.

I did manage to squeeze a little bit of WoW in there. I missed the raids, but I managed to get some PVPing in with some of the NFD. We won WSG 3-0 – it was quite the spanking but then we lost AB by a few resources. I died only one time in those two BGs. I had to stop there but had enough Honor to get some epic gloves for PVP – which I gemmed and enchanted before logging off.

We went to a movie(G-Force 3D), went down town for the Buskers’ Festival, went out for dinner (Wild Wing), went to some parks, rented a movie (Coraline), played some PS3, they played Spore and they visited the mall a couple of times. Oh and my Little Little Ogre got a haircut… mohawk.

I can’t wait to see what the mother-in-law thinks of that, especially when she learns it was her daughter that let him get it.


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