Why I Hate Turbine…

Last night I wanted to cancel my DDO account since I haven’t touched it in two weeks. It was fun, but I’m having more fun with WoW at the moment and my son was asking to play CoH/V (I’m going to try to stall him so I can pick up Champions Online instead) so I don’t really need four subscriptions.

Site is down.

Website Maintenance

The site you have requested is currently unavailable due to maintenance.
We apologize for this unexpected downtime and thank you for your patience.

I know you’re releasing DDO again as Free2Play, but for fuck’s sake, do you have to take the whole bloody site down?

The Turbine site is up. The LOTRO site is up (sort of). I figure I can access the account page from one of those.

Nope. And that is why I hate Turbine. They seem to do the dumbest things like not have a backup site or service for unsubscribing.

Yeah, I can probably call them but the last thing I want to do is dump all over some customer support drone who isn’t responsible for the pent up hatred.



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