“Install this game and I’ll start being good.”

That’s what my oldest said last night. My response was, “Show me you can be good and I might install it. Keep being bad and I’ll toss that game in the garbage.”

He’s overtired because he’s at a day camp all day but the attitude needs a major adjustment. He’s had a meltdown three days in a row; Monday, yesterday evening (it was mild, unwilling to share his toys and not wanting to listen as opposed to a full blown tantrum) and one this morning (hit his brother because his brother was playing PS3 when he wanted to watch Bugs Bunny that was recorded). I also have problems keeping him on a schedule or sticking to a punishment. The problem isn’t easy to solve either… not unless I replace his mother.

Right now she’s the weak disciplinary link.

I’m not perfect, but she’s making some pretty bad mistakes and they know it. The little buggers.

One actually had the nerve to say, “I’ll just go ask mommy” after I said no to something.

Want to guess what she said?

She said,”Yes” and when I told her I had said, “No” it was too late. It wasn’t the sort of thing you could take back.

Anyway, time to communicate and get on the same page. Not that we didn’t do that before, I just think we have made different observations and ran with two different game plans.

Mine just happens to be better than hers.

Because I’m awesome.

True story.


4 thoughts on “Meltdowns…

  1. It’s amazing how quickly the kids learn, isn’t it? They know exactly what buttons to push, how to behave and who to ask.

    And yes, I’m with you – a unified front is the only option.

  2. My wife and I have been talking quite a bit about discipline, our son’s only 9 months yet, but we’re trying to plan ahead to avoid just those kinds of situations.

  3. Fun part is that every kid is different so you have to find what works best for them (and you).

    We’re still working on it.

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