Too Much WoW…

I keep hearing that from people that read my blog. Okay, well a couple of friends that read my blog.

“You only ever talk about WoW now.”

Fair enough.

“You’re going soft and being too nice, what’s this about being an ogre?”

Fuck you!

I admit, the more traffic I got the more inclined I was to behave.

Here’s a quick random thought inspired  by the old couple I saw driving a new Mercedes.

New Mercedes, old people.
There is something funny there… irony? Not quite.
Lucky kids though, they’ll have a new Mercedes soon.
I wonder if it will still have new car smell or old people smell?

Happy now?

p.s. I popped into WoW last night after my D&D night (it was midnight) to create my once every 20 hours Titansteel bar.  Is that said? I would have been on sooner but a skunk had me stuck out in the street as it wandered around my front yard and driveway.

p.p.s. I talked about WoW again .!..


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