Expansion Details Leak?

This is a pretty interesting leak if it is true.

First, only raising the level cap by 5 is a change. I’m a little surprised by that, but I guess they’re hoping to rekindle the lower level zones so leaving you with only 5 levels to get for your mains (and alts) might mean people are more inclined to start a new character.

Personally, my stable of characters on Rexxar is just about full, but a good number of them are low level.

Lannister (Paladin 80), Olen (Priest 62), Kremus (Death Knight 61), Galiana (Mage 55), Sindaena (Hunter 26), Cerrov (Warlock 13), Jemura (Warrior 10), Ochtaku (Shaman 7), Sindaera (Druid 2).

I’m more inclined to hold off on leveling the alts now, and might return my focus to Olen, Kremus and Galiana since they’re in TBC (or on the brink of it).

Second, allowing old races to have more classes is neat as well. I question allowing Trolls to be Drudis but no other race on the Alliance side? We see the even class swap with Tauren being allowed to be Paladins (?! I might have to quit Lannister!) and countering (arguable) it with Dwarves being allowed to be Shamans.

For the most part, it seems to be opening up Mages, Priests and Hunters to other races. Some of those make sense, others are sort of questionable.

Still, it’s interesting for people that want to play a given class but have already played through the racial starting area for except the one that can’t have that class.

Third, the two new races; Goblins and Worgen. I wonder if that will turn neutral Goblin sites Horde only? Throughout all the expansions?

Here’s the bit for the Worgen:

The cataclysm has cracked open the Greymane Wall, finally revealing what has happened to the kingdom of Gilneas and its citizens. With the Worgen curse taken hold, they have found a partial cure, allowing thme to retain their Human minds even when transformed. Venturing forth from Gilneas and seeking help from the Alliance, they have decided to join them, to combat the new threats of Cataclysm.

Gilneas will make extensive use of the phasing system (much like the Death Knight starting area), to show what happened while the kingdom was cut off from the rest of the world and lead up to present day.

Worgens will have two forms, a Worgen form and a Human form. Players will be able to customise the look of both forms.

The only thing I might like more than a Minotaur Paladin would be a Werewolf something or rather – I thinking Rogue, but maybe part of their coming to terms with their animal side makes Druids available? Worgen Hunter would make sense… maybe I’ll shelf Sindaena and go with a Worgen Hunter. I still want a Rogue though.

Fourth, they’re talking about not releasing a new continent, instead they’re revamping the old one. This will include allowing flying mounts (yay!), revamping older zones and dungeons. Additionally, they’re going to unlock some of those unfinished zones – very nice!

This revamp is a great idea for making the older game aspect new and replayable.

Do it.

Phasing was a great addition, imagine what they could do to the old world content and starting areas? Imagine if killing Hogger actually changed that area? Or clearing the mines out actually made a difference (for that character)? Pretty sweet. They’d have to limit what they do this for, but it would be worthwhile if they replaced it with new content of use to the player.

Assuming Elwynn Forest still exists.

The downside of this is… well, the old world that drew so many players into the game will be changed, it won’t ever be the same again.

I’m excited! (for the game…)

While we’re talking rumors, let me throw one out there (or start one). The next version of WoW will have Guild Levels!

You will level your guild by raiding, completing Heroics or donating Emblems. Other ways to gain XP for you guild is to turn in crafted items or materials.


  • Bonus bank tabs at a discount for the guild vault.
  • A guild banner* that creates an Aura-like buff, which can be customized depending on what your guild has completed (raid bosses open up addition banner powers).
  • Additional banners per raid will also come into play as you level the guild.
  • Special guildbound* gear recipes available to crafters. Including Guild cloaks which use the guild colors, though not the emblem.
  • Special guildbound gear available for purchase. All armor items are can use specified guild colors – potentially assigned per rank.

Guild Banner = unlike other games, you aren’t stuck carrying the banner and doing little else, instead it will be tacked on the back of the banner carrier so as not to interfere – much like you see in Arena battles.

At certain levels a new banner recipe is made available to Tailors (Alliance) or Leatherworkers (Horde) which increase the number of ability slots. Banners can have certain abilities tacked on to them with the number of abilities determined by your guild level.  Inscription, Jewelcrafter and Enchanter crafters are able to create Banner Glyphs to fill these slots. Common abilities are resistances, increased attributes, bonus armor, bonus to heals, bonus to damage,  bonus to speed, etc.

The number of Guild Banners allowed are determined by the guild level (cap) and the number of crafters capable of crafting a banner. A crafter can only create one banner for their guild. If the crafter leaves the guild the banner is lost and the crafter is unable to craft another banner for another guild for a month.

Guild Banners are Guildbound.

Guildbound = You can pass it around in the guild. As soon as that person leaves the guild or is kicked, they item is stripped from them and returns to the Guild Vault.

Leaders, and other ranks with the appropriate permissions, can recall the gear at any time to make it available to other members should a member disappear for any length of time. Recalled gear returns to the Guild Vault.

Okay, so it’s a tall order, right?


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