My Wife Left Me…

… and she took the kids with her.

But only for the evening.

She went off to Mont Tremblant with the kids and one of her really close girlfriends (and her son). I wasn’t invited because her friend is a single mother after catching her husband cheating on her. I knew the guy was a dick and I warned my wife about it, but I guess she didn’t pass it on or she did and her friend didn’t listen (would you?).

Tangent: Her friend waited until he was off to a convention around Valentine’s day (he was actually at a local hotel with his mistress) before calling movers to come clean out the house and move everything into storage. She then left him a note and flew back to Ottawa. When they sorted things out (the divorce) they apparently had one last romp which got her pregnant. The bastard wanted nothing to do with the kid (how screwed up is that?) but is still on the hook for child support which he is paying. Screwed up thing is none of his family or friends know why she left or even that he has a kid.

Back on topic, that meant I had the house all to myself for the whole day. No interruptions. Any guess what I did?

Well, I worked from home for the day – and yes, I did do work – and then I played some WoW from late afternoon until almost midnight. Just running heroics and stuff. I think I spent more time tanking than in my main spec, DPS.

Breakfast? McDonald’s Big Breakfast with Hot Cakes.

Lunch? Burger King’s Steakhouse burger with Ice Tea and Onion Rings instead of fries. They fucked that up and gave me fries. That should have been a sign.

Supper? I ordered pizza from Pizza Hut. I ordered a medium (hoping for left overs for today’s lunch) Classic Italian with a small side of garlic cheese bread.

It took over 50 minutes to come. When it did arrive, I was in just starting to tank the second phase boss of Heroic Trial of Champions. I get about 20 seconds into the fight and DING DONG! Pizza arrived. Starving, I ninja AFKed to answer the door, pay the guy, get my change and bring the pizza back to my desk in the basement. Surprisingly, they had defeated the boss and I hadn’t lost agro. (Hudson, this is where you chime in about how easy WoW is.)

That’s right, I tanked a boss while AFK.

Worse still it was the boss that does that blinding light thing so I turned my character away from him so I wasn’t even getting auto-attack on him.

I ate the garlic cheese bread while tanking the phase three boss (the Black Knight). Once that was done I opened the pizza box to discover it was a Large Pepperoni with extra cheese and cheese in the crust.

That wasn’t what I ordered.

I called up Pizza Hut and the manager apologized and said they’d send a Classic Italian over as soon as it was ready. I could do with whatever I wanted with the pizza they sent me.

I was so hungry I ate a couple of slices.

I guess you could say I was sending my bowels mixed messages. Here’s some grease for you! CHEESE! TONS OF CHEESE!

I tanked another instance then my pizza arrived. It was a Classic Italian like I ordered. But I didn’t realize that I actually wanted the Classic Canadian which has oodles of meat on it while the Classic Italian only has some sort of ham with mushrooms and red peppers. So I only had a couple of slices from that one and a couple from the other one. I’m having the rest of the other one for lunch today and supper tonight (D&D night).

Ah well.

At around 8:30pm I was ready for bed. I was exhausted and having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

Fourbits logged on and asked to do some heroics.

I like doing heroics. They’re sort of easy now that we’re all in raid gear, but I still enjoy the delve and excitement of tanking multiple mobs. So I made some coffee.

At one point of one of the instances I had to stop and go upstairs to investigate some sounds – sounds that were louder than expected when I’m supposed to be the only one home. I went upstairs to find the cat playing with a toy. That was cute and a little odd because she’s an older cat that doesn’t really play with toys anymore. In fact, she doesn’t really have any toys to play with anymore.

She was playing with a live field mouse.

Tiny little thing, cute, scared as it was hiding under what ever it could find. I admit, I actually considered leaving it for the cat to toy with, but decided that would make a bunch of noise and the cat wouldn’t end up eat it so I’d just have a mess to clean up anyway. I ended up catching it in an empty margarine container and threw it outside. I think it will probably find it’s way back in at some point because that is the second mouse we’ve seen in the house in the last month.

The coffee started to wear off around 11ish which was right about the time I needed it the most. We were doing Halls of Stone and at the part where Bran is trying to activate the old device and get at it’s archives. You know the event where you have laser like stuff zapping you and where oodles of mobs come from all sorts of directions?

It’s a pain in the ass to tank because the mobs will charge the closest person then move to stop Bran so you have to get agro quickly. It’s not too bad normally because I save certain AEs to help out but I was running into a timing issue on top of a visibility issue compounded with the loud music I was playing to help keep me awake.

I usually pan the view out so I’m looking down from the ceiling. This helps me see targets coming from multiple directions and lets me see behind me so I can grab anything that slips by. It works well… except when you have a Boomkin in the group and they use that storm spell. The storm spell is a nice AE that zaps everything in an area under it but it manifests with a nice big dark cloud. That cloud was between my camera and what I needed to see. Heh.

Unfortunately, that meant a wipe on the first attempt. I haven’t wiped there in a long time – if ever.

I feel bad about it because the poor Boomkin is a such a sweetheart that always seems to pop into my group when I’m starting to unravel. Hehe The rest of the instance went fine and most of us called it there.

I turned everything off and went up to bed. For the first time in about a year or so, I didn’t have to move one of the kids out of my bed and into their own. It was sort of nice, but I definitely missed them all.

6 thoughts on “My Wife Left Me…

  1. I hate cheaters! My wife cheated on me and it is uncalled for. I didn’t know you still played WoW. Are you still on Rexxar? I know H00LiGAN still is cuz we chat from time to time. I play my 80 Priest Sloppyjoe if you are still on Rexxar. Look me up if you need healer or dps. My Shaman (Scarybooster) is 74 and I play him once and a while

  2. Hey SJ. I didn’t know you were still playing either. 🙂

    Yes, I’m still on Rexxar as Lannister and a bunch of other alts but I’m mostly on as Lannister.

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