A year or two ago a certain blogger commented on some entry I had talking about the types of classes I wanted to have in a MMO. He suggested classes should all be hybrids and I argued that they should be more specialized so people knew what they were getting and that hybrids often ended up better than the pure classes they were combinations from which causes all sorts of balance issues.

Of course, I won’t say I was wrong, because I still believe my point is true, however, I do see what he was saying.

I absolutely love the fact that my Paladin is versatile and can tank or deal damage or heal. The catch is that he can’t do it all at one time.

In WoW, the only other class that is really like that is the Druid which can deal melee or ranged DPS, tank or heal – very versatile.

Other classes seem to alternate between two choices with the third being an alternative approach to one of those two.

Overall, it’s a pretty nice system and I can see the value in this especially in a game which would encourage grouping (which WoW doesn’t). I can see why games like The Agency might want to key on this sort of gameplay and how it can be fun to switch jobs much like you can respec in WoW to change your character’s role or switch jobs in a game like Free Realms.

I wasn’t wrong, I just see value in allowing hybrids if it’s done in a way that forces them into a more specific role.


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