Near Death Experience…

I saw my life flash before my eyes earlier today but fortunately I stepped back just in time to avoid a painfully horrible death. Oh man it was a close one! Thank God for being able to quickly close a browser tab. Yeeesh.

That right, I quickly closed the tab which somehow got sent to the WoW Class Forums before my brain melted and leaked out my ears due to the stupidity of those threads.

Okay, I did it. I was curious to see what the masses were saying the recent changes to the Paladin class.

It was close. I almost didn’t make it.

Long ago I learned not to read the class forums. The unfortunate reality is that most people only go there to bitch and moan or to troll specific target audiences (much like Exmortis did back in the EQ2 Ranger forum re:Poison proc fix – he actually got a warning for that I think*). The sheer level of misinformation and ignorance on those forums is quite something. Of the hundreds, if not thousands, less than five tend to actually be of useful information.

And then there are the WoW class forums which are exponentially worse.

I’m okay though.

I’m pretty sure I’ll make it.

* = There was a bug in EQ2 (surprise!) where poison procs could happen more than once per attack which greatly ballooned Ranger damage making it hard to keep agro from them but also making them drop heroic mobs pretty quickly.

SOE discovered this bug and fixed it causing a HUGE drop in Ranger DPS.

Assassins weren’t as impacted because of the way Rangers have a lot more ‘multiple shot’ type attacks. I vaguely remember the bug was procing poisons off every one of the hits of the special attacks from their bows because the bow was a really slow weapon so the proc chance was higher. I think it ended up procing two different types of poison for each arrow so Rangers were loading up on the high up-front type damaging poisons and putting out unparalleled DPS.

In comes the fix and kneejerk reaction from the FTW players that spent the last few months enjoying this bug and leveling up a Ranger by soloing heroic encounters (in some cases).

Exmortis decides to take this video where a kid is freaking out in front of his computer and posts a link to that saying, “Rangers after the poison fix.”

I’m pretty sure he was warned by one of the community folks.


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