On Dany Heatley Asking For a Trade…

My first thought was, “Holy shit!”

Why? He’s accounted for a fair portion of Ottawa’s scoring over the last few years. I also can’t see getting equal value back because there aren’t too many 50 goal scorers left in the league… well, aside from Ovechkin and I seriously doubt Washington will give him up.

Do I feel betrayed? No. He’s a hockey player, he does that for a living and he wants to be happy with what he’s doing. He hasn’t said he hates Ottawa and doesn’t want to live here, in fact, he said the opposite. His complaints and reason for moving has been ‘hockey related’.

Do I think he’s a selfish asshole like a lot of people have been saying? Nope. He’s doing what he thinks is best for his career. He’s not chasing the money, he already has that, and he has openly said that if a trade doesn’t get done he’s going to honor his contract, show up for camp (in Ottawa) and play as an Ottawa Senator.

I do hope he stays in Ottawa and the coaching staff can resolve his sense of having a “diminished role”. The interesting thing is that he said it was an issue even before Clouston that after the first couple of years here (under Murray), his role has diminished.

What does that mean?

I’m not entirely sure, but I can make some guesses.

Alfredsson plays it all. He’s on for five on five (first and sometimes second line), four on four, penalty kill (whether we’re down one man or two) and on the powerplay – sometimes even as a fourth forward hanging back on the blue line.

Dany Heatley is on for the first line and the power play. People think he’s complaining about being moved to the second line power play late last season but he’s no idiot, he must know that Clouston was trying to open up some more offence from multiple lines. Previous coaches were attempting this by moving someone onto the first line while keeping the Spezza and Heatley combo going. Maybe Spezza can work with others on the first line and Heatley can bolster the second line to the point where it actually has some offense and Ottawa stops being a one line team.

No, I think it’s simply that he’s being pigeon-holed as a goal scorer and he doesn’t like it. How many of you would like to be pigeon-holed as some very specific role when you feel you have a whole lot more you can do? Back when he first got here, he was seeing a lot of ice time which included the penalty kill.

Why did that change? Was he a liability? I don’t think so. And when you trade off a guy like Vermette, you’d think he might end up on the PK again.

I don’t know, maybe the coaches were trying to ensure he was rested for each of his shifts so they used him less.

The guy wants to be more involved in the success of a team (apparently he has been talking to the many different coaches Ottawa has had over the last couple of years) so fans are blasting him for it?

My thoughts are: good for him. He’s tried talking to them and that didn’t work so he should do what he can to ensure he’s happy with what he’s doing for a living.

I know the fans and media are making a bigger deal out of it than anyone else.

As an Ottawa fan, I hope he doesn’t get traded and things get resolved so he’s happy here. I honestly don’t see what we could possibly get back in exchange for him and if it ends up being more than one player (which it will have to be), we’re going to have fun with that because our roster is already pretty damn full.


2 thoughts on “On Dany Heatley Asking For a Trade…

  1. I thought that the reason Heatly wanted out was because of the way the headcoach wanted to use him. I really don’t know much about the whole situation other than he wanted out. Last I heard he might be going to Edmonton.

  2. He turned down the Edmonton deal because he wanted to see what else was available. Lowe took the offer off the table because Heatley was taking too long to decided.

    From the sounds of what Heatley said in the interview (hit up http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/) it was something that has been bugging him back when Murray moved into the GM position. He basically wants more responsibility in critical areas.

    The last three coaches haven’t used him on the power play and Clouston is said to have pushed him down onto the second power play unit because he wasn’t performing or something.

    I think Clouston was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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