I’m a PKer…

Well, second party wipe for my D&D 3.5e Eberron campaign which I was DMing.

After an epic battle against a Githerzai Mindmage who ended up fleeing the scene, the group settled in right near the battle site to rest the evening and then raise their fallen Wizard from the dead.

The Mindmage picked the start of the Raise Dead spell to appear and attack the group. The imagery of that was too much to resist and it really put a roleplay based challenge to the party’s Cleric – who was opposed to casting the Raise Dead spell to begin with since the Silver Flame’s teachings go against that sort of thing.

The Cleric had 10 rounds worth of casting to go to bring the Wizard back. Because of the situation, I was upgrade the Raise Dead spell to a True Ressurrection but make it a ‘borrowed time’ sort of deal where the Flame only granted him life for about a month.

Unfortunately it didn’t get that far. There were a couple of screw ups on both sides; they only caught that Break Enchantment was a 10 minute casting (100 rounds) after having used it twice and I realized that Psychic Dominate wasn’t like Dominate Person, you actually had to concentrate to maintain it. Things went bad really fast when the group’s War Mage failed the Will save to resist the Dominate later on the Mindmage managed to snag the two melee types and both healers.

Three rounds later the Silver Flame Cleric remembered he couldn’t be charmed or dominated as benefit of one of his Domain abilities. The Mindmage turned the remaining guys on him. Once he was done in, they were turned on each other while the Warlock in the group fled. The only survivor was the Favored Soul of Dol Dorn (somewhat appropriate given he’s a God of Strength .. kind of). The Mindmage knocked him unconscious with another failed Will save, teleported him outside and set about stripping the memories of why he was her all the way back to the start of the campaign – when he set the last two on each other he promised the victor a great reward, the reward of living on without the memory of having slaughtered comrades.

So ends the campaign.

I do have a possible follow up idea but I think I’d be happier just stepping back into the player’s group. For the most part people enjoyed the campaign and I’m happy they did, I had a lot of fun with it too.

The follow up idea would have put the party back into the ‘evil’ camp, which they really seemed to enjoy a lot… should I be worried? They would be playing the role of a group Nerull worshippers sent into Eberron from Greyhawk with plans to foil the hidden God building power on Eberron.

That sort of thing was supposed to be the higher level content for their evil campaign if they accepted the hidden God, they would be battling against his enemies and eventually I would have shifted them over to Greyhawk.

The whole idea for that came about because of the protests about some of the mechanics in Eberron. The main protests being around Clerical powers and how it worked on top of some of other ones like Action Points… which the group made liberal use of. I don’t think that’s a mechanic that will stick around though.

So now I’m going to focus on creating my character for Scott’s campaign. I think I’m going to take Ysh’s comment to heart and go with the Cleric of Thor but I’ll modify him a bit to make him fit in better now that I have an idea of what the group is coming in as.

Originally he was going to be a really young man with the typical teenage sense of invulnerability topped off with some raging hormones (I’m mid-life crisising so this is an opportunity to be young again). It probably wouldn’t be too much fun to play for the others and given the current DM, he probably wouldn’t tolerate that too much.

The Goblin idea would have been simple to bring in as is, but I could see myself RPing it into a corner because he was based on the sneaky market Goblin who conned players into buying overpriced mundane items as spell components. I could see myself continuing that trend and calling on the group’s large brutish warrior types to protect him only to discover he wouldn’t be backed up.

Really, that sort of thing needs to be worked out and I’d need another player to agree to play along seeing the value of having the Cleric of Hermes around from a survivability stand point but I’m not sure if any of the players would go for that and if the DM would be okay with that sort of thing. I’ll see about it next week when we work on characters.


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