Thank You Creative Labs!

I installed Windows 7 on my old machine (about five years old) and the first issue I had was finding hard drive drivers that Windows 7 could use. Unfortunately, there were no 64 bit drivers so I was pooched (I didn’t look too hard since I had the 32 bit ones) unless I installed the 32 bit version of Windows 7 so I did that and all was well…

Except no sound.

I hung my head in dismay. I can remember trying to find Creative Labs Sound Blaster drivers back when I was installing Vista on that machine and it was a pain. I can remember trying to find those same drivers when I was doing a clean re-installed for that machine. But for Windows 7? I thought I was doomed.

I almost didn’t go to the Creative Labs site for driver support figuring it was going to be painful but I went anyway.

It wasn’t painful at all.

They had an autoupdate that recognized the hardware was a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 card! But it wouldn’t update.

Well of course it wouldn’t! There were no drivers on there to actually update! So I went looking for drivers armed with the knowledge that the card was at least recognized for a change. The driver package was one but Audigy package and it even said for Windows 7 use!



During the install I heard the typical Windows prompt sound and it dawned on me, it works!

Thank you Creative Labs, I was expecting a painful nightmare but it turned out to be quite painful.

I wonder how my newer PC will handle Windows 7?


4 thoughts on “Thank You Creative Labs!

  1. The only pain was self inflicted. Last time I tried to update my sound card drivers I had to download about ten different versions until I finally found one that would recognize the card. Then I needed one that didn’t have lock ups or other issues.

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