Upgrade Time…

Now that I have a 64-bit OS on my system at home, I think it’s time to upgrade the memory to 8gb. This was inspired by some RAM prices I saw in today’s Future Shop flyer. I also saw a decently priced AGP video card which I’m debating getting for my old system that is having some heat issues with the current (but really old) video card (ATI x800 XT PE).

Of course, I decide this while I’m in the van on the way to work so I can’t remember what memory is installed on my newer PC. I do know it is OCZ DDR2 Platinum kit (2x 2GB) but I’m not sure if the speed is 667 or 800. If it’s 667 I might be screwed because I don’t see any 667 listed and if that is the case I’ll just grab two packs of the 4gb kits.

I do know my motherboard can handle it, it has 4 slots that supports up to 8GB of RAM of the 800/667 and one slower amount speeds. I’m all good on that front.

It’s still a pretty decent system with room to upgrade for being almost three years old. If I wanted to, I could slap another duo-core processor on there but I don’t think I’ll bother.

The other system is a good 5 years old and doesn’t have much room for upgrade because of that. It’s still a decent system but I think the fan on the video card is dead or dying because the recent drivers I installed for it have warned me that it was heating up too much (it scaled back the overclocking on it). Before installing the drivers the system would lock up and restart, much to the dismay of the Little Big Ogre who was playing WoW, Oblivion or Battlefield 2.

I’ll likely upgrade that one too since Scott (from Exmortis’s Mind – hehe) pointed me in the direction of an inexpensive ATI AGP card. I just have to make sure the newer card doesn’t need a heftier power supply – I’m pretty sure I went big with that one but I can’t remember how big.

This is all wife approved (I would have done it anyway) which was a bit surprising. I guess she is fine with it for two reasons:

1. I’m not spending 5k on a new system like I usually do when I say, “I think I need an upgrade…”
2. She wants to spend 180$ on new frames for her new prescription glasses and she knows I’m not keen on it because they’re neither gold plated or covered in diamonds.

It amazes me how expensive frames are and for the most part the vanity ones are the expensive ones. I don’t care that her prescription lens are 350$, she needs those but the pretty frames?

Really, how costly is it to create frames? You can get cheap ass sunglasses for 10$ so clearly the process of making the frames isn’t expensive. They’re not uncomfortable either, yes, I realize the lens in those 10$ sunglasses aren’t UV protecting and they’re just colored glass, but the point still remains, you get the frames and the lens for 10$! She’s talking 180$ just for the frames!

grumble… grumble… grumble…


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