Ogre Card Revoked…

UFTimmy told me over MSN that I’m too nice.

“I hate to do it. But you’ve never said even a neutral thing about a person.”

I think my Ogre Card is about to get recalled. I just don’t have any anger or rage in me lately. I’m either too tired, perfectly content or issues I have are too deep to blog about (i.e. post in a public place).

I don’t tend to be critical of people in guild or with other guildies because it doesn’t tend to solve anything or they wouldn’t listen to me anyway. Maybe I’m just too thick skinned and don’t let things bother me too much.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I have mentioned a guildy was driving me a bit bonkers about a month back, turns out he was someone’s son which raised my tolerance bar a fair bit.

Then there was a guy who was trying to tell me how to tank. That was rich. By the end of the instance I was actually annoyed by this guy and actually vented to the first available person. Turns out I wasn’t the only person annoyed by this guy because he was given the boot not too long after. I can’t take credit for that, apparently there was a blow out in guild chat – that’s pretty rare in NFD, by the way. Generally the only loudness in guild chat is…. well, me. And I’m usually making jokes or bashing Mac users for no good reason (which is all in good fun).

I guess this is a long winded way of saying I’m going to change this blog into, “Love, Cuddles, Ponies and Kittens” where I’ll talk about nothing negative (oh crap, a double negative!) or instigating.

Heh. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. I guess I’ve just been having too much fun to really have anything negative to say.


4 thoughts on “Ogre Card Revoked…

  1. LOL I sometimes forget guildies read this, but yeah, you can probably guess who it was because it really doesn’t happen that often. In fact, I think that might have been the first one.

  2. I thought yer Ogre card was revoked when you went Allie 😛

    There’s enough ranting and raving out there. Ogres are usually also known for being comic relief, now there’s not ENOUGH of that out there. You’re an ace at cracking people up and I hope that doesn’t change. 😀

  3. I suppose so. Let’s just say this blog isn’t what I was expecting it to be but it is what it is now. 🙂

    I still seem to get a lot of giggles and chuckles in guild chat but no, “DUDE!” The odd “TMI!” but yeah, no one has kicked me out yet 😀

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