Make Something Idiot Proof…

… and someone goes and makes an better idiot. I just went to the washroom and was reminded of that. Why?


Urinals are designed with a sink-like part at the bottom to catch potential drips and misfiring streams. You step towards one, unzip and let lose. Ideally you point down to avoid back splash – it’s just common sense and simple to use. So I have to ask, how the fuck to people end up dripping piss on the floor?

You might be thinking, “Smaken, are you sure it’s urine? It might be condensation dripping off the bottom of the urinal…” I thought of that, but then wondered how it would drip down about a foot in front of the urinal instead of right under it.

What the fuck people?! How the hell do you get piss on the floor?!

I’m really curious as to who is doing it.



5 thoughts on “Make Something Idiot Proof…

  1. … and let lose …

    Ya know, I see people typing “loose” when they mean “lose” constantly. It makes me twitch. I do believe, however, that this is the first time I’ve ever seen the reverse occur! Well done? :p~

  2. Oh and you think that’s bad? Try cleaning a women’s restroom sometime. (Don’t ask, it was an early job…) They do that ninja thing where they apparently hover above the seat in the lotus position so as not to actually touch anything, then proceed to spew feces all over everything *except* where it’s supposed to go.

    Random “Women are Disgusting” tidbit: why is it an awful lot of hotties, including well-educated women in high social and professional positions do not wash their hands after using the restroom? My girlfriend makes a habit of pointing out all the ones who don’t, you’d be surprised.

    But yeah, dudes are just fuckin’ cavemen pissing all over everything.

    But whomever invented the urinals with the mid-level sink area that splash all over your legs needs to be publicly flogged. Not only is it embarrassing to have little splashes all over your slacks but in the summer wearing shorts you get your legs splashed on. Gross. Fucktards.

    See? I can rant randomly too. Ha!

  3. Sorry man, I’m a looser and missed that error.

    Yeah, I’ve heard about the hover and non-hand washing thing.

  4. Urinals…it’s even better when you hit the ole urinal cake and then wonder why you have little blue spots all over your khakis.

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