I Am Never Going to Sleep Again…

I don’t know if I blogged about this before (probably, and I’m not going to look it up) but it seems like every time I actually get a decent amount of sleep some sort of sickness kicks in.

I’m a bit of a night owl, not as much as some other people, but I also get up early – like 5:30am early – so it adds up over time. It’s also more of a recent phenomena though I generally have bouts of what ever it is called when you have a hard time sleeping in the winter. Generally I feel fine despite the lack of sleep, but it is clearly starting to affect my memory. (See previous sentence as an example).

When I do actually get a decent amount of sleep what ever was lurking behind my protective barrier of adrenalin and caffeine sneaks around and hits me with something. And that’s what I got yesterday – a good amount of sleep. I was actually in bed before 11pm. Okay, so it was 10:59pm when I jumped into bed, racing the clock changing over to 11:00, but still… it was before 11!

Now I suspect I got it from the kids because they had a 24 hour bug that gave them a fever and wiped them out for the evening, but I’m not sure. Being me, I asked the wife if the ribs we had for dinner last night were pork. She said yeah so I suggested I had the Swine Flu. I know, I’m supposed to call it H1N1… what ever. It was a joke, the wife got it.

So at the moment, I’m at work, shivering (despite wearing a long sleeve shirt and a sweater over top of that), aching, with a headache and I think I’ve got a fever.

I know, I should go home and I will. The wife (people giggle when I refer to her as ‘the wife’, I’m not sure why?) is going to pick me up shortly and escort me home where she will pile oodles of sympathy on me.



Oodles of sympathy stop somewhere between year two of marriage and having your first child.

Best part about all this? I’ll be sick just in time for the bloody weekend. If this is only a 24 hour bug I’ll be good and ready in time to come back to work on Monday.

Maybe I’ll take the day off. Just on principle.


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