I’m A Retadin…

No, not a RetaRdin.

I misrepresented myself in the previous posting. As a Ret pally I’m not just awesome DPS or an unstoppable player killing machine; I am also healer, dispeller of icky stuff, crowd controller, tank threat helper and guardian of other players in the group. While my role is to do damage, I do squeak things in without taking a hit on DPS unless I focus too much on it. It’s just part of being awesome.

I quickly learned that Art of War procs… a lot. Art of War is makes your next cast of Exorcism (a direct damage that automatically critically hits undead) or Flash Heal (uh… well, heal) instant cast. Generally, I use it to allow me to get Exorcism off without having to wait on the 1.5 second cast time they added in. However, that ability has a 15 second cooldown and in that time Art of War can proc two to four times. Now you can either let it slide, or you could heal with it. So I do, I bound Flash Heal to my left side mouse button (Clique) and often patch up folks that are taking splash damage or I use it on myself. (Macroing this for PVP is a good idea)

Cleanse is there for a reason folks. As a Paladin there are a fair number of things you can dispel rather than wait on someone to dispel for you or simply do nothing at all.

Stun makes a decent short term crowd control or reduces the damage being done on someone for a brief time – useful when the heals are in dire straights or to interrupt casters. Redemption, on the other hand, makes for a really sweet bit of CC assuming you use it right. You want to use it when your tank has problems with handling multiples, when one slips by the tank or when something is creeping up on the tank. Don’t use it if you’re going to be AEing because it will just break.

You also have Hand of Salvation which will reduce threat on a target over time. Make use of it to help the tank out if there is someone is creeping up on their threat level – including yourself. You still have Hand of Reckoning as well, which can help pull a mob off a caster and bring it back towards the tank – be careful using this one though.

On top of that you’ve got bubbles. BUBBLES! Hand of Protection, Hand of Sacrifice, Divine Sacrifice and Divine Intervention (admittedly, I don’t use this one because it makes the target unable to do anything for a few seconds would could be really disruptive for a healer). You still have access to those. Sacred Shield is another good one if you don’t have any Holy Paladins in the group, because if you do, they’ll probably be doing that.

Also evaluate whether running Retribution Aura makes more sense than running a different resist type Aura. In a few fights I toggle auras to help with different resist types which makes more sense since the boss is a caster rather than a melee type.

There is more to being a Retadin than mashing Divine Storm, Crusader’s Strike, Judgement of Wisdom and Consecrate or some /castsequence macro.


2 thoughts on “I’m A Retadin…

  1. *scribbles notes*

    I love the instant cast Flash Heal and Exorcism those have come in handy a time or two. I need to work on swapping between auras though, reducing incoming damage is mighty handy. Now I’ve gotta work on getting some of my extra keys bound. Thanks for the notes!

  2. nice little write up. As I’ve said before its easy to be a retadin but is much more challenging to be a good retadin who contributes alot more to a group than the odd blessing of kings.

    Hand of Sacrifice always makes me sad when I have to use it but it certainly is one of the neater tricks up our sleeve

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