I’m A Tankadin…

Somehow, despite switching to Retribution (DPS) spec, I find myself in Prot spec more and more lately.

I moved away from this spec when I was hastily reminded of how many tanks are actually needed at raids but kept it in my back pocket for times of need. As such, my gear for that spec isn’t what I’m looking for when playing but I’m thinking I should.

I had no problem giving up Prot spec, tanking is a responsibility and requires paying attention. Something I’m not always capable of giving for various reasons. Mainly, I’m brain dead by the end of the week and unable to focus which makes playing DPS pretty straight forward and suitable. To be frank, it was quite a relaxing and fun change for me since I have never played a pure DPS role to any length. I have always either been a tank or a healer.

As my offspec, it’s my secondary gear which doesn’t have the best enchants or gems but they’re good enough for Heroics. I might have to stop buying up Heirloom items and start working up my offspec if I’m going to use it so much.

Anyway, yesterday I set foot into Regular ToC raid with the guild’s alt and new 80s group. Dennis, our raid leader who should be up for sainthood, was explaining all the fights for the first encounter. He sometimes reads this blog but I’m going to be honest anyway… it went in one ear and right out the other.

I did ask what I had to do specifically which was pretty brief. In my defense, I’m usually pretty good about listening, but there is always that first time experiencing it and the, “Oh! That’s what he meant!” moments. Watching the raid encounters on TankSpot is not the same as executing it.

Now this isn’t your old Naxx raid. The first ‘boss’ is actually three different fights (Northrend Beasts) so Dennis had a lot of explaining to do for several people who had not been there before (myself included). I’ll summarize, let me know if you completely zone out while reading it.

Oh, a bit of a tangent. It seems I was in a really great frame of mind because I thought it was a good idea to change my UI right before going into a raid I didn’t know. So UI I wasn’t familiar with and a raid I didn’t know. I dropped XPerl to pick up Pitbull, grabbed Satrina’s Buff Frame and a dropped a few addons I wasn’t using. I couldn’t see any raid windows or group windows and for some reason my buffs weren’t showing up – but I was able to see my debuffs. I like Pitbull but I need some more time to turn off some of the extra stuff and figure out how to bring up raid and group windows. I figured out group window but then I had all sorts of large windows all over the place because I also got their windows, even when they had nothing targeted so my whole damn screen was covered in unit frames.

Back to the raid.

The first creature that comes out is a Magnataur type creature with his snobold slaves. You need two tanks to tank him and they have to switch off when they have two “impales” on them (I suspect we could get away with 3 or 4 but 2 is easy enough to handle). These “impales” are DoTs that do a fair bit of damage on you, obviously the more you have on you the more it does making healing it hard if you have too many on one person. Paladins can bubble to clear them though. This guy also has little snowbolds that throw fire bombs at the raid which explode and create fiery pockets on the ground that do damage over time to anyone standing in them (Hi Anna!). He also grabs the snowbolds and tosses them at people. They latch on to that person’s back and start beating on them. Because they’re on your back, you can’t attack them so someone else has to.

Once you defeat that guy the next part starts (this is still considered part of the same ‘boss’ so no loot yet) which are two great big worms. The first worm spits fire and you have to face him away from the raid. He also farts and makes nasty clouds under him so you need to move him around a bit. On top of that, he also spits some firey bile at you which does damage to anyone around you – you use this to counter the spit of the other worm. The other worm burrows up out of the ground and fights you. He didn’t seem to do a whole lot other than to spin around and knock people back and he turns on the raid and spits some neurotoxin on them. If you have this on you for too long you end up paralyzed for a time (usually long enough to cause big problems for the raid) so you need to get this off you. You do that by running over to someone who has the fiery bile stuff on him and it burns that stuff off you. Now first guy is mobile and can move around but the second guy is effectively rooted in spot. What happens after a time of beating on them is that they will burrow into the ground and come back up with roles reversed – the mobile one is now rooted and the rooted one is now mobile.

We didn’t get past there but most of us who haven’t been there learned a lot as did some of the people playing alts which were in different roles. And they had a lot of fun picking on poor Anna. I didn’t pick on her at all, I just giggled.

There is another boss after that, but I won’t describe what happens with that but once you beat him you finally get some loot.

Now the team that hits the raid on Wednesday nights (which I used to raid with normally) clears all of the raid encounters available so far for this raid. This is the alt squad and a few of the newer 80s doing this.

Overall, I thought we did okay and I did have fun. I hope others weren’t frustrated by the lack of success.

I admit, I cackled with glee after I was reminded that the fiery bile does damage to people nearby after I just ran across the raid with the fiery bile to free up our healer.


Here’s the TankSpot video of the raid encounter. It looks easy when they do it…

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