Little Big Deathknight…

Originally I had planned to wait until my son go to 68 before getting him the WotLK expansion and this weekend he made decent progress getting his Paladin up to level 63 (gained two levels) so I gave in and bought the expansion for him.

I enabled it for his account then started the downloader. And then canceled it.


I could just copy my WoW dir over top his and it would be faster, right?


And it was.

It was incredibly fast, I couldn’t believe it.

I’m using Homegroups in Windows 7 for both PCs. His WoW dir is shared on the home group so I dragged and dropped my WoW folder onto his and accepted all the prompts to overwrite. The file transfer dialog popped up with the thermometer and an estimated time of 5 hours.


It then flashed for a couple of minutes and was done.


I know Microsoft’s estimations of time where bad to start, but that clearly wasn’t 5 hours. I double checked the time to make sure I didn’t black out or something. Nope, it really did only take a couple of minutes to move 12 GB over to his machine.

Now from a technical prespective, this just isn’t possible given the hardware involved. My system that is over five years old couldn’t possibly write that much data that quickly. Here’s what I’m thinking. I’m guessing it did a bunch of CRCs per file to determine whether it really had to move them or not and if so it did making the process go much faster.

Skeptical, I fired up WoW on my son’s PC and sure enough, the DK option was enabled. It worked.


He then set about playing through the starter area with my help in some areas and now he has a level 59 Human Deathknight on Rexxar. I don’t think he’s even going to look back at the Paladin… which is a shame because I sort of twinked him out. Although when I said he’d have to send money from his Paladin to his Deathknight so his Deathknight could get a flying mount he told me, “No daddy, that money is for buying a motorcycle!”

He just loves those mechanohogs.

One thought on “Little Big Deathknight…

  1. I’m hoping they improved this from Vista to 7, but I’ve actually noticed that large files transfer faster when I set the file view to detail as opposed to thumbnail. Like ridiculously faster.

    Hehe, and on the motorcycle, it’s all about priorities.

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