I’m sure some of my long standing and loyal readers are asking, “Smaken, why aren’t you playing Aion? The blogosphere is abuzz with talk about it but you haven’t said anything about it yet. What gives?”

Okay, I’m kidding myself here. No one is asking that and if I did have loyal readers they probably would have phrased it differently.

The short of the matter is; I have not tried Aion yet. I have not been in the beta, I didn’t apply for the beta, I didn’t borrow any keys for the beta, I didn’t pre-order and cancel to get into an open beta and I didn’t buy the game.

I simply have no interest in it at the moment.


From the pictures others have posted, it looks pretty. Even the GUI looks nice, almost edible like chocolate. Hey Turbine? Take note. That’s how you do a nice UI, none of that crap you have in DDO or LOTRO.

You can move along now, nothing to see here.


5 thoughts on “Aion…

  1. I simply have no interest in it at the moment.


    I knew there was a reason I liked you.

    …even if your Ogre Badge has been revoked, you ol’ softie… HAHA

  2. Should we really be seeing anything different when it’s simply another game in the genre of MMOs?

    Do we really see anything different in RTS or FPS genres? Ultimately it’s the same gameplay from game after game, they just become more refined or immersive in some cases.

    It’s sort of funny that we expect more from a new MMO when it really will just fit right into the genre with all the other MMOs.

    Any guesses as to why that is? Is it the 15$ a month for it? Is it the time spent playing it? The people we meet? The shared experiences and fun had?

    All of the above?

    It can be summed up by the investment we put into the game, which ever one that might be, and what we walk away from when we actually put that game on the shelf.

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