More Paladin Changes in 3.2.2…

I remember something my grandfather said to me when I was young, “Toronto will be a nice place to live, once they stop building it.”

I always thought that was weird to say, but I can understand his frustration now. The Paladin class will be a great class to play, once they’re done fucking around with it.

First, a Holy Shit! moment for Hunters:

Beast Mastery

  • The Beast Within: The duration of this talent has been reduced to 10 seconds. In addition, hunters with this talent will do 10% additional damage at all times.
  • Bestial Wrath: The duration of this talent has been reduced to 10 seconds.

So the Holy Shit! moment is that Hunters with that talent will do 10% additional damage at all times. That’s pretty huge. I realize they’ve nerfed two of the abilities but they gave back an additional 10% damage ALL THE TIME – so long as you have that talent.

On to the Paladin changes.


  • Righteous Fury: The bonus threat from Holy spells caused by this talent has been reduced from 90% to 80%.
  • Ardent Defender: This talent now reduces damage taken below 35% health by 7/13/20% instead of 10/20/30%.
  • Blessing of Sanctuary: This blessing now grants 10% strength in addition to its current effects. Also, the strength and stamina bonuses from this blessing will no longer be lost when Blessing of Kings is removed.
  • Judgements of the Just: The reduction in cooldown to Hammer of Justice provided by this talent has been reduced to 5/10 seconds instead of 10/20 seconds.
  • Touched by the Light: This talent now provides 20/40/60% of the paladin’s strength as spell power instead of 10/20/30% of the paladin’s stamina.


  • Seal of Command: This ability now chains to strike up to 2 additional targets when it is triggered by an attack that can only strike a single target.
  • Seal of Corruption and Seal of Vengeance: These seals will now only use the debuff stacks generated by the attacking paladin to determine the damage done by the seal and by the judgement.

Protection spec changes…

Okay so the drop of 10% threat generation on the Righteous Fury buff will make building threat a little tougher, how much tougher? That remains to be seen. Usually, I had no risk of losing agro to others unless:

1. I didn’t have Righteous Fury going.
2. I didn’t have a Seal running.
3. I was spending too much time chatting in Guild or by Whispers.

There are the odd exceptions like people opening up with AEs before I even get any sort of attack off or people actually firing taunts – you know the kind that make the mobs attack them for a few seconds, sort of like Hand of Reckoning.

Watching the threat meters, Fury Warriors tend to get up there as do Warlocks and the odd Boomkin. I suspect this might get a little closer and I’ll have to do less of #3.

Ardent Defender changes seem a little harsh, though if you’re tanking and have a healer actually healing you, this shouldn’t be a big problem. It is helpful though and makes you a lot more durable than most which buys time for a healer if they have to cast on others as well.

Blessing of Sanctuary changes are nice, making it worth having over Kings though I always valued it higher thanks to the extra mitigation it provided. Honestly, this adds benefit to other tank types using it as well.

Hammer of Justice talent cooldown reduction… err… reduction is likely some due to bitching in PVP. They have to be careful with adjusting this too much because people might deem it worthless in that case. I’m considering removing the two points I have in here and pushing them further down the tree.

Touched By the light changes to use Strength instead of Stamina is interesting. As Prot I focus more on Stamina than Strength, though I do value Strength for the +block it grants. The main difference is that it takes more of your Strength into account than it did for Stamina. I’m not too keen on this change, but I’ll see how it impacts me. I focus more on Strength for my Ret spec than Prot so I’m not really sure where my Strength is. What this might do is weaken the Prot/Holy hybrids people have been using in PVP or in my case, leveling and duoing instances.

On to Retribution changes…

It’s good that they’re trying to do something with Seal of Command. It sounds like they’re giving it some splash damage type effects when it procs off single target attacks (i.e. not Divine Storm). This could make it more valuable in PVE which I don’t think the Seal was intended for, although if the intent was to have this be the Ret Pally Seal of choice, maybe it is now. Another benefit to this is that it gives Ret Pallies another form of AE even though it is sort of random. I’ll have to check it out.

Seal of Vengeance sounded like it had some sort of bug where the stacks from multiple paladins on the same mob would do more damage? I’m going to guess this will push Ret Pallies away from using it instead of Command, though I’ve been using Righteous for trash and switching to Vengeance when facing bosses.

I might have to adjust a glyph on my Ret spec and try out Seal of Command.

Quick mention of a Priest change:


  • Improved Spirit Tap: Mind Flay periodic critical strikes now have a 50% chance to trigger this talent.
  • Twisted Faith now grants spell power equal to 4/8/12/16/20% of spirit, up from 2/4/6/8/10%.

I like the second one and it is encouraging me to start leveling Olen up again. I might do that in October when I have a week off.

A few item changes, again, aimed at Paladins:


  • The Black Heart: This item’s animation has been changed and no longer resembles Hand of Protection.
  • Libram of Obstruction: The buff to block value from this relic is now exclusive with the buff to block value from Libram of the Sacred Shield; it is impossible to have both buffs at once.
  • Libram of the Sacred Shield: The block value buff from this relic has been increased to match its item level.

I’m happy they changed the effect on that first item, too often I wonder if I hit the wrong key and bubbled myself.

I’ll have to revisit my Libram and see if the Sacred Shield one is worthwhile now. I didn’t use this trick of having the block bonuses from both, it seemed like exploiting the system and I was too lazy to actually do that.

Coming back to my first sentence, it will be nice to be a Paladin if they ever stop screwing around with it and it’s unfortunate that some of the changes come from people complaining about PVP although I do agree with a number of the changes.


One thought on “More Paladin Changes in 3.2.2…

  1. Touched By the light changes were also due to PvP. You had Paladin healers speccing into protection only and stacking a ton of stamina. They’d be hard to kill and have very strong heals due to all their spellpower.

    So they increased the percentage by double and made it based off of strength. If you had more than twice as much stamina as strength this will be a slight nerf, which it was for me. Hopefully as my tank gear gets better my strength will too.

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