Food and Time of Day…

This morning I had to explain to my son that ketchup chips did not make a suitable breakfast which got me thinking about how some things are just tied to times without any real thought behind them.

Let’s consider Person A. Person A gets out of bed at 7am, has breakfast, does the typical morning routine and then gets to work by about 9am where he has a nice big fat Oh Henry chocolate bar. Too early right?

Person B is seen eating an Oh Henry bar at a little after noon. That’s okay right? Well, what you don’t know is that Person B only just rolled out of  bed an hour ago. Is it still okay?

Person C eats their Oh Henry bar at 7am. That’s sort of wrong no? Well, what if Person C was on a night shift so to Person C 7 am is more like 3pm. Still wrong?

A number of people (my wife included) will be disgusted more about A and C than B even though B is really the one having an Oh Henry bar for breakfast.

Of course you might reason out that Person B is a lazy sack of shit anyway so who fucken cares what he’s eating…


3 thoughts on “Food and Time of Day…

  1. I would say that our reaction towards the time of day food is eaten is based mostly on how we personally would feel eating that item at that time, rather than being a reaction to the activity itself. If we happen to be working a different shift and roll out of bed at midday, we may well feel ill seeing people eating chocolate bars, or curries or whatever, at 2 pm, even though it is generally normal behaviour.

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