Paladin Seals…

I ran around a bit trying out the various Seals I had in different scenarios.

First one I tried was Seal of Vengeance (SoV). I ran with this through Heroic Trials of the Champion instance and my DPS was under 2k.

For me, that is horrid. I usually hit over or around 3k DPS. Now some of that might be that we were having a hard time with some of the other members in the group and we wiped on the second boss twice, though it definitely didn’t help that my DPS was around 1200-1700.

I’m really going to need to check this out more carefully because I suspect my DPS was impacted because the tank was a Paladin who was running SoV as well. Remember there was a change in how damage was calculated based on the number of stacks so that only your stacks mattered? I think this might have been the case, but I’ll need to investigate more.

I ended up switching to Seal of Righteousness for which I have the extra 10% damage glyph and I was back up over 2k DPS though around 2200-2500 DPS.

After running this I realized my gear manager wasn’t updated for my Ret set. I picked up the T9 gloves for my Ret set the other day and forgot to update my gear manager set for it. That meant when I switched from Prot (soloing Threat from Above daily) spec to Ret spec for the H ToC instance I still have my Prot gloves on. Now they’re still epic,  but they’re not slotted for STR or even enchanted for extra Attack Power. Instead they’re slotted for STA and building threat… which might explain why I had to Hand of Salvation myself a bit hehe.

That one piece of gear might actually make a 200 DPS difference so my numbers are skewed a bit for the first trial.

Later on I ran the Heroic Daily Dungeon, Drak’Tharon. For this one I ran with Seal of Command for the trash and for the bosses. And yes, I was using my full Ret set without any Prot gear sneaking into use.


On the trash I was hitting between 4k and 5k DPS! On the bosses it was tough to tell if it was worthwhile or not. It ended up being about 2-2.5k DPS unless there were adds like with the troll that eats other trolls or on the T-rex boss where we decided we’d go for the achievement and so we fought the boss and a bunch of raptors as well as the T-rex boss. The Prophet boss is a tough one to get a good measure on.

I think to test out which Seal to use on bosses I’ll do a Heroic Gundrak run. All the bosses are singles and have decent HPs so I should get a decent read. Another option is to hit up a raid instance and give it a shot.

My current belief is to use (as a Retadin) Seal of Command if you’re dealing with lots of trash and use Seal of Righteousness on bosses – but Seal of Vengeance might still be worth it, I’ll have to give it another chance. The benefit of SoJ over SoC is that SoJ always procs while SoC is more a chance to proc, it’s still a really high chance, but still. I believe the Glyph (enhances spells or abilities) for SoC only increases the chance it will proc but I’ll have to see.

I did notice Righteous Vengeance crits, but they scrolled too fast for me to catch how much they would have been adding to my DPS, I don’t think it’s too significant (that ability criting is a set bonus for having 2 T9 pieces which I now have).


2 thoughts on “Paladin Seals…

  1. I believe you are correct because I do remember it was procing every time when I was working on the Knuckle Sandwich achievement. I’ll have to double check what the SoC Glyph does now, it might be worthwhile.

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