The Thought That Counts and Musical Interlude: OLP…

Here’s a newer Our Lady Peace song. Be warned, this is Canadian content so you might find yourself craving maple goods or bacon.

LiveNot Live There is something to be said about using proper recording tools to record someone.

On to the thoughts that count.

This weekend we had my youngest son’s ‘friend’ birthday party. He’s just turned four (closer to the beginning of the month) but he hasn’t been in school long enough for him to make friends, but being four his whole class are his best buddies. Anyway, it turned out to be mostly really close friends and his cousins. A good time was had by all.

One of our close friends bought him and incredibly thoughtful and inciteful gift; a MP3 player. Now the LittleLittleOgre really loves music. LOVES IT. He is constantly borrowing my iPod Touch and surfing iTunes (I don’t have purchasing credentials locked in there) or listening to stuff I have on there. So it was a great gift for him.

The downside?

As I mentioned, I have a lot of stuff ordered from iTunes and I’m not sure this MP3 player supports that format. I’ll have to look into things a little more because I don’t want to purchase all the music again in a different format just so he can have it as a MP3 or WMA format.

Anyone who knows me should know I won’t resort to piracy.

Great idea though it’s actually something we were planning on getting both of them for Christmas because they both really like music.


5 thoughts on “The Thought That Counts and Musical Interlude: OLP…

  1. If you’ve set it up as iTunes “Plus” you should be fine. If it’s regular iTunes, you’re probably not fine. Just as Gordon said, I used to do for my old MP3 player – before I got my iPod – was I’d burn the music onto a CD, then rip it back. I’d have two copies in iTunes – the MP3 version was eventually deleted when I got my iPod.

  2. Yeah I saw that capability and that was what I was looking at doing. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of blank CDs though I’ve got a ton of DVDs. It’s still a PITA to have to do that. 😦

  3. You don’t even need to burn CDs, just transcode the audio files. Set iTunes to import as MP3 files, select the files you want as MP3s, and right-click and choose ‘create MP3 version’. iTunes will transcode all the files to the new format.

    Don’t forget to change the import settings back to your standard, for future CD ripping.

    I’m totally with you on not resorting to piracy.

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